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Support and Maintenance for Dell Power Edge SC1425 server

Navigator system offers Dell PowerEdge SC1425 server maintenance support with spare parts-replaceable unit service in most cities with flexible maintenance Contract.

The Dell™ PowerEdge™ SC1425 server is perfect for high-performance cluster computing and web serving. 187 more words

Hardware and maintenance for Oracle's Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440

Navigator systems provide Hardware  and maintenance for  Oracle’s Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 servers with very high levels of integration and optimized  system design to reduce latency, lower costs,and improve security and reliability. 208 more words

Value-Price Performance server Dell PowerEdge SC1420

The PowerEdge SC1420 delivers the advanced technology features essential for small business computing needs at affordable cost.

It is a 2 socket general purpose tower server powered  by up to two Intel® Xeon™ processors with Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology for high clock speeds up to 3.6GHz and 800MHz data bandwidth with  Front Side Bus.For an enhanced system performance, this server supports dual channel memory architecture and latest memory technology. 268 more words

What Can IT Consultants in New York Offer Your Business?

IT consultants in New York are getting busier every day. That’s because more small and medium businesses (SMBs) are realizing that their IT systems are becoming too complicated to manage in-house. 573 more words

IT Consultants

Do Small Businesses Really Need the Help of Professional IT Consultants?

Growing pains have always been a part of small business. In today’s Information Age, upgrading and maintaining your IT systems become part of those challenges. 575 more words

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Managed Services in New York - Should Businesses Contract Them Out?

Managed Services in New York – System Monitoring and Maintenance at Its Best

In-house managed services in New York can be especially expensive where office space comes at a high premium. 453 more words

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5 Habits of IT Consultants in New York That Will Make YOUR Business Successful

What is the “worth” of IT consultants to New York businesses?

That’s a question that varies from business to business, but it is directly related to the worth of your organization. 580 more words

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