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It's Not You, It's Them!

As a server in the food industry for ten years now, I have come across a ton of different people.

Some kind. Some mean. Some entitled. 785 more words


To Tip Or Not To Tip

If you get bad, horrible, despicable service at a restaurant, do you HAVE TO leave a tip?? Gregg and Amanda have different opinions and opened up the Mix lines..WHOA! 71 more words


Pure OS: The way forward?

Tonight is just a quick one, not my usual essay. I was just curious to see what other people though. Being a PHP Developer I primarily work within LAMP environments. 434 more words


This amusing couple...

…was my guests at the restaurant the other night. They had dined with us before, and there wasn’t anything particularly special about these guests, but what amused me the most was when it came time to pay the bill. 264 more words

Smart TV's: Passing fad or revolution in vision?

What is a Smart TV?

Put simply, a Smart TV is a television, usually LCD or LED, which connects to the internet and has a user interface that allows the user to download apps. 249 more words

Setting up Ruby on Rails

I wanted to develop the websiet on my own personal Apple mac. This meant I needed to setup Ruby on Rails on this device for the first time, this is something that would see me running complicated commands in Terminal. 334 more words


Server Life: What I Wish I Could Say...

I have been a server for a little while now, and I would be lying if I said there wasn’t anything I wanted to say to almost all the guests I’ve ever served. 723 more words