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How to Be a Good Customer: Part VI

It is once again time to burst through the walls of good customer service and customer/server/bartender interactions! Welcome to Part Six of our fun times spent in the restaurant industry!! 711 more words

Tales Of The Server

How to remove file extensions from your website page URLs (Apache)

Ever wanted to remove the “.php” from your website’s pages? Say you’re using Apache web server (as most sites do) on a Linux distro. There’s lots of advice out there about how to do this but the vast majority of it focuses on the regex, which isn’t the main problem. 820 more words


Battlegrounds Lag Leads To Massive Fistfight

(Source: kotaku.com)

Josh Wittmann was playing a game of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds the other day when server lag struck, stranding all 100 players on the plane before they were forcibly ejected, landing everyone at the same location. 42 more words


Pandora FMS server with docker-compose

Docker-compose is amazing, this tool allows you to literally deploy complex clusters of containers with one command. Previously, I had a seamless experience running ELK (Elastic, Logstash, Kibana) with docker-compose and now decided to give a try to Pandora with it. 150 more words


How to setup Open SSL on ubuntu?

Step 1 – To install the OpenSSL binary toolkit, install the openssl package.

sudo apt-get install openssl

To install the OpenSSL general-purpose library, first determine the applicable version of the library available for your Ubuntu computer with the following command issued at a terminal prompt: 63 more words


PHP 5.3 to 7.1 for OS X / macOS 10.6 to 10.12 as binary package


This package installs the (usually) latest PHP 7.1/7.0/5.6/5.5/5.4/5.3 on OS X 10.6 (aka Snow Leopard), OS X 10.7 (aka Lion) and OS X 10.8 (aka Mountain Lion) and OS X 10.9 (aka Mavericks) and OS X 10.10 (aka Yosemite) and OS X 10.11 (aka El Capitan) and macOS 10.12 (aka Sierra) in /usr/local/php5. 1,315 more words

Update PHP on Mac OS X How to upgrade or install a different version of PHP on Mac OS X.

As noted in my posts on installing Apache, PHP and MySQL on Mac OS X, Mac OS X comes pre-installed with Apache and PHP. Unfortunately, as of Mac OS X 10.11 ( 416 more words