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Different Server Types

Different servers do different jobs, from serving email and video to protecting internal networks and hosting Web sites. Learn about the many types of servers used today. 456 more words


What is server?

There are many definitions according to server. So some of them is as below. Lets take a look.

1) In information technology, a server is a computer program that provides services to other computer programs (and their users) in the same or other computers. 130 more words


米IBMが大容量ストレージソフトの米Cleversafeを買収、クラウド事業を強化 [ #cbajp ]




クラウド上のデータを消された 損害を証明しても賠償金は半分? [ #cbajp ]




What Is An Svn/cvs Vps Server?

In order to understand what an SVN or CVS VPS server is, you first have to understand the terms “SVN” and “CVS”. SVN stands for “subversion.” Subversion is a free software program from Apache License. 11 more words

NAV 2016 System Requirements

Since begin of August, I’ve tried to research what are the minimum system requirements for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016. First I’ve published one post about it, but I’ve deleted it. 463 more words

Microsoft Dynamics NAV