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Minecraft Toilet Humor

This is an old map I recently loaded up on my Minecraft server and this is a build I never really shared. What motivated this creation is one of my friends was caught gifting himself sea lanterns and building a large building with them. 65 more words


The hardest job in the world 

Not my usual story. This is something I found hilarious. My groupon was running out so I made the for a touch up on my Botox (I could do a whole new long blog on how Botox changed my life – I might just do that after this). 269 more words

How To Set Up Icinga 2 on Windows Server

Because Icinga 2 does not support Windows server, we need to install Virtual Box with Ubuntu (or any  Linux distributions)

Install Icinga 2 Server

On Ubuntu virtual machine, open terminal… 273 more words


Hello Dear

Dear Friend,

Your contact came to me through a friend who does international business between countries.

I am Ms Ashley William, of the Ministry of Health in Mauritius proposing a beneficial transaction to you.I am relying on your genuineness and sincerity,in all aspects of this proposal. 153 more words


Apache HTTP Server


Apache Http Server is most popular HTTP Server nowadays. It is a collaborative development effort from experts over the world.  It can be leveraged for providing different valuable solution. 221 more words


AWSやAzure、SoftLayerで稼働するサーバは異なる:Rapid7調査 [ #cloud ]

セキュリティベンダーの米Rapid7(日本法人はラピッドセブン・ジャパン)は11月30日、同社が主要なクラウドサービス上で動かしている“ハニーポット”「Heisenberg Cloud」から得られたサイバー攻撃の実態調査データを紹介した。個々のクラウドごとに用途に違いがあることが分かったという。



Office Deployment Tool

There may be times when we want to selectively Install Applications on a Computer or we might want to test the Updates before they are released to the Users. 213 more words

Office 365 Admin