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John Kerry tries to save face for State Dept.

In a possible attempt to distance himself from mounting evidence of Hillary Clinton’s wrong doings, John Kerry has joined the fight against mishandling of Federal property and information on computers. 161 more words


Weekly Wrap Up 3/23/15-3/27/15

Tipping Women To The Poor House


In a report released by The Economic Policy Institute women in the food industry make less than their male counterparts. 1,155 more words


Sleepless Scribblings of a Steakhouse Server

Apparently black tea has more caffeine than I gave it credit for. I guess you all are up for some more sleepless scribblings tonight! I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep, and my mind was running back to work today.  1,096 more words

Waiting Tables

For servers and guests: A tipping rant from a server who is pretty much *over it*

Many people don’t understand what a tip is for, mainly because it’s not the way we choose to compensate most of our other people-facing professions. Imagine if when you went to the doctor, you decided how much he got paid based on how happy you were.

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ROBINSON MEYER: Facebook as a Press Baron

The Atlantic: Once, the idea that a reader would find a New York Times story without ever picking up a newspaper might have seemed preposterous. Now, Times stories are everywhere, and the news organization has not only the paper but also a bustling website and a range of apps. 87 more words


House Passes Bill Allowing 'Wage Freeze' For Workers With Tips

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO/AP) – Lawmakers worked late into the night Monday to pass a bill that would keep some Minnesota workers from getting a pay raise this summer. 334 more words