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Overwatch servers coming on the internet-- act

It’s time.

Overwatch is ultimately right here. The servers are scheduled to come online in most territories as I type this.
Assuming you got your disc or preload install sorted and also got hold of the day-one patch, you should be able to leap right in. 7 more words


So, anyone who’s read my posts in the past knows, I LOVE LAB TIME. Like, a lot. Almost to a ridiculous level. I’ve built several labs over the years, and so regretted selling my last lab server (at a loss, but it went to such a good home that I couldn’t be upset–the guy loves lab time almost as much as me) that I couldn’t stay away any longer. 593 more words

WildFly Swarm REST example

Microservices are here. They have been here for a long time now and it looks like they are going to be here for a while. Some technologies have born in recent years to help developers to implement their systems following this architectural style. 802 more words


Dedicated Server For A Completely Balanced World Wide Web Hosting

Competition exists in most spheres of human life along with to settle in front of the competitors to keep relevant in almost any internet business. Web hosting is a vital part of an business online and may bring success or spell doom or even properly utilized. 372 more words


Be A Step Ahead Of The Competition With Windows Dedicated Hosting

Many people nowadays are very serious about studying or their loved ones trees and genealogical maps. However, the majority of people begin their genealogy research not understanding how much time and extent of dedication it might drive them to examine themselves history. 469 more words


Frustration, Frustration...

From the OGPlanet Forums:

We understand your frustration, however they do not help in resolving the issue in any ways. Please do not spam forum with multiple threads regarding to this issue, reply to this post if you wish to comment. 873 more words

Alvaro's Journal

Advantages to a Dedicated Server

Corporate hosting provide efficient shared web services for companies or people who require advanced features along with a great deal of resources to own the high traffic website. 403 more words