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Ubisoft Server Issues

Well, here I sit: waiting for Ubisoft to get their shit together. I was ready at 7AM this morning as promised to take part in the open beta for Rainbow Six Siege. 270 more words


The Inevitable Slow Season

Hello again!

Sorry for my absence, but I’m back! I have the absolute need to write about this time of year and how it affects my job every year.  1,030 more words


Amazon allows renting of dedicated physical servers!

Amazon Web Services has officially launched a new service where users can rent a dedicated physical server. The new service called EC2 Dedicated Hosts, allows customers to allocate an actual physical server in a specified region to run one or more EC2 instances on top of it. 263 more words


Antipodes DS Music Server Review

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” I used the DS as a server feeding a number of DACs including my reference Auralic Vega as well as the T+A player and the DS improved the overall sonic performance in every case. 94 more words


Microsoft offers technical preview of Hyper-V Containers in Windows Server 2016

Microsoft has offered its technical preview of Hyper-V containers in Windows Server 2016. The Hyper-V containers will get support from Microsoft with a greater degree of security and isolation. 305 more words


Future Servers to control solid state drives flash memory through software!

Fujitsu laboratories has announced that its researchers have developed a solid state drive in which the flash memory can be controlled by server software. By optimizing data positioning for access from an in-memory database, three times faster performance processing can be achieved than seen in ordinary SSDs. 317 more words


Best servers in my opinion

Hey guys! Been a while since I updated the best servers and today I’m going to do it a bit differently.  I’m going to tell you about the top 5 servers that I like. 161 more words