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[Server] Mineplex USA

One of my favorite servers to play on is Mineplex. It is a one hundred percent mini-games only server. Some of my favorites are… 44 more words


IBM Firmware - not too fun

It doesn’t matter what vendor you choose you have to deal with firmware for servers.



How did this happen? with a lot of trial and error. 160 more words


Cyrus Streamline2 Streaming Music Player Review

http://goo.gl/qwS0Ki Read Here

” To make the unit easier to navigate, you can assign names to each of the digital inputs – for example input 1 could be CD. 27 more words


Tune SQL Server

I have gathered some notes from SQLSchool.gr for Configuring an SQL Server

1. Set the minimum Page File, 512MB to 2GB, but don’t remove it… 303 more words


3 people walk into a restaurant...

Excluding the extremely diverse group of people that seem to come out from the shadows on mother’s day, I believe there are only 3 types of people that attend restaurants on a regular basis. 238 more words


The Butter Chicken Hissy-fit

I will start by saying don’t lie about how long you have been waiting for a table in a restaurant on a Friday night. The computers have timers that calculate how long it’s been since you’ve put your name on the list, and NOTHING gives a hostess sicker satisfaction then telling you “I’m sorry sir it shows you’ve actually only been waiting 7 of your 45 minute quote time.” So just don’t fucking do it; sit your ass down and wait, OR LEAVE (but take your name off the list first). 416 more words