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Node.js Tutorial - Part 1 (Basic)

What is Node.js?

Node.js is an open source Java Script framework. Prior to the release of Node.js, server side programming was done mainly using Java, Python etc.

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debugging php with visual studio code

Besides managing this blog I also manage my rugby club’s website, Falcons RFC, a collection web pages with a basic understanding of the club’s news, sections and fixtures. 742 more words


Magic of Meteor.js

Meteor is a full-stack JavaScript platform that lets you develop and deploy web and mobile applications. The best part about using meteor is that you don’t need a bunch of languages, instead, just one language, JavaScript on front-end and the back-end. 394 more words

5 Min Tech Tutorials

Lesson for the day. Tech jargon - understand 'cookies' and the technologies used to create & manage them.

Computer Science is filled with many tech jargons that many people don’t understand the meanings to. If you’ve spent enough time on Computer Science you most probably know and or understand most of the tech jargons that are used in Computer Science. 540 more words