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Junebug Saves the Day!

This Bug would like to interrupt your regularly scheduled program for an important announcement.

I saved mom from being squashed by elevator doors.

Happy tail wags! 446 more words

Guide Dog

Update on the Baby

I’m late on this Fred update because of Junior Parents Weekend and some sickness. We got the results this weekend: yes, Fred had a nice big tumor. 99 more words

Thank you to the Seeing Eye and an epic sports rant an update from my relationship

I got Robin from the Seeing Eye in 2008 July to be exact. I keep up with things time to time by reading friends Facebook statuses or seeing Twitter posts about the organization. 2,409 more words


Robin has become the old lady in the neighborhood

I have these vertical blinds in my living room that Robin loves to stick her nose between and look out and watch people. i’m not kidding I’m pretty sure she knows everything that goes on in my neighborhood. 237 more words

Guide Dog

My Hero

My pug is my unsung hero.

He keeps me calm when everything is hell.

There are no shortage of kissie’s on bad days.

He knows when I am sad, and when I am happy, 56 more words


Fred's Commands

I’ve had a lot of backlash today saying Fred is not a service dog and does not know anything.  I have made a page now where his commands are; not all of them are there since I made it quickly, but I will be adding them as he learns or I remember. 34 more words

More on how Fred Helps Me

Last night, I had trouble falling asleep yet again, getting into bed at 12:15 and falling asleep at 1:15 (in the middle of 2 text conversations-sorry Djarte and Jacob).   76 more words