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Utah family raising funds to buy service dog after teen suffers traumatic brain injury in tornado

RIVERDALE, Utah — When you first meet Braydon Thompson he seems like a typical 18-year-old, but ask him a simple question and he won’t be able to answer because he’s constantly losing his memory. 349 more words


How I Got My Service Dog, Part I

I’m sitting in my living room, watching my dog play with his brothers. They are wrestling and playing tug of war with a now unstuffed toy, growling and just having fun with each other. 673 more words


Cat Lady Rant

I have had Padiddle aka Miss Kitty since she was 4 weeks old. I had to feed her kitten formula with and eye dropper. I taught her how to do everything because my sister’s car who was 4 yrs older was an air head and was literally scared of the wind… I would bath her with a damp warm face cloth to teach her how to bath. 231 more words

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I get told a lot that I am brave for being open and honest about my anxiety. How most people hide it. There is nothing brave about it. 253 more words

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Eye roll

I had to go to service Canada to get my social assistance switched over to disability. I can’t leave the house alone so I have Wesker as my service cat. 169 more words

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I can not get out of bed in the morning. It is so hard. I just lay in bed with my cats cuddling them until I have to use the bathroom. 145 more words

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There are still some confusion over the differences between a Service Animal and an Assistance Animal.  I hope to clarify some of the differences below.  Enjoy! 354 more words