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I feel as if I should write to the city transit thanking them for making the drivers take a passengers’ rights class. I think it is important that they know how serious what happened is. 112 more words

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That Doesn't Even Make Sense...

I’ve recently registered my dog, Gemma, as an Emotional Support Animal. She is a type of service dog, but instead of picking up on medical cues and whatnot, she picks up on my emotional cues and behaviors and helps me combat them. 802 more words


Should have listened

The bus driver who got mad at me and tried to kick me off got in trouble. Now, because of his ignorance and jackassery, all of the bus drivers have to go through a course learning passengers rights. 112 more words

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Willfully ignorant

City transit bus driver just told me to find an other mode of transportation because if someone is allergic to Wesker. I have been taking her on it for a year and they don’t seem to care it is illegal to not serve me as I have a service cat. 198 more words

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Mandi Melody | Border Collie

Mandi Melody is a ridiculously intelligent purebred sable and white border collie. Dreams showed her to me before she was born. Her predecessor, a black and white male border collie mix, was near passing. 368 more words

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Facts about the guide dog process

People often ask how much does a guide dog cost? Well typically a guide dog costs $50000 to train, however the blind person pays way less than that. 927 more words


The Seeing-Eye called

Last week the Seeing-Eye called me and told me that they had a dog for me and that I could come to class. I’m so excited. 1,128 more words