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Welcome to my Life: Anxiety, Migraines and...puppies?

Hi. My name is Olivia and I am a 17 year old student at Colorado State University. I am currently getting my degree in Zoology on the Pre-Vet track with a business management minor. 634 more words


Guest Commentary: Fake Service Animals Are Not the Problem

The topic of fake, or ‘phony’ service dogs is commonly discussed among service animal users, and we have previously covered it in the Sandy’s View Blog. 657 more words

Mysterious Disappearances

Things move in my house.  The matches were gone for days.  Pens disappear. I am constantly looking for my rings.  My meat defrosting in the sink disappears.   332 more words


What Can a Service Dog Do?

I’ll tell you right up front; the answer is almost anything. It’s important, however, to go through exactly what situations a service dog might be useful. 432 more words


Emotional Support Animals: A System Being Abused?

Another personal post, this time in reference into a rather baffling trend I’ve been seeing.

I saw a Facebook status of a person being frustrated that there were few apartments in the area that would allow them to have a dog “worth having,” their definition of “worth having” being a dog breed perceived as being aggressive, such as a pit bull or a German shepherd. 979 more words


The high points

Strong suits…

It’s not like an actual suit that you can just put on when you feel like it. Some things that I find really rewarding and makes me feel as though I have accomplished something, may be something that another person does on a regular basis. 280 more words


3 weeks

A lot can happen in 21 days.

You can say.. go to a waterfall

You can be caught working in your pajamas

Or you could even celebrate a birthday! 66 more words