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I haven't had an epic rant for a while so here you go

I want to first off by stating RIP to jenelle a guide dog for my friend Matt. She Died on Sunday. She was 14 and a great dog. 1,699 more words


Great Service

Let’s tell a wonderful story about something that could’ve gone terribly wrong, but because of understanding and compassion, went so much better.

My family and I love Hot Topic.   367 more words

Thanks Fred!

Shouts out to the best service dog for staying up with me when I can’t sleep, whether it’s for anxiety or depression, or food poisoning like last night.

Conquering mental health, one walkies at a time.

I’ve been waiting months for a day like today. A day when Kall says to me, I think I want to go out and take Alfie for a walk. 112 more words

Mental Health

"Senior" Dog

I’ve seen a lot of things in the media lately about senior dogs, and owners abandoning them or attempting to put them down because they’ve gotten too old.   409 more words

It was a long night in Canada

This will be a pretty long update so strap in. Yesterday was day 2 of my Toronto adventure. One thing I didn’t talk about in my first post was that I was really worried about traffic. 1,183 more words


Blind odyssey trip part one

I wanted to give you the most personal account of what I have to do when traveling. I’m sure being sighted you may do some research on the area, but that’s probably about it. 1,557 more words