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Dog Portraits - German Shepherd

Stella, is a beautiful German Shepherd that I helped rescue a couple years back. I see her every now and then, and she is probably one of the most beautiful dogs I’ve ever seen. 57 more words

Fine Art Prints


THAT’S the sound I made when I opened my e-mail!  Wear Your Label has put our story on their Community Blog!! I love this company, and I’m so honored!!! 15 more words

Benefits Of Childhood Pets

Pets help a lot more than you might think, even at a very young age. Most people seem to know that pets can help teach children responsibility. 727 more words


Question Time

Q: You’ve said Fred can “detect” episodes, how does he do that?

A: The simple answer is I have no clue.  Dogs are damn amazing.  And I will never understand their magic. 104 more words

Awesome People :)

So if you’ve been keeping up, recently I wrote about T, a girl working at Hot Topic who was exceptionally kind and compassionate to me and Fred.   121 more words

Fake Service Dog Troubles

I don’t know if anyone else keeps up with Villalobos Pitbull Rescue (my mom got me hooked), but lately they’ve had a lot of trouble with fake service dogs coming into their events and putting people in danger, starting fights with other dogs.   252 more words

*Bragging Post*

I’m sorry for the brag but I’ve got to say, I’m super proud of my little boy!  He’s been so well-behaved the last few days! 197 more words