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Retiring Frasier

Today was pretty rough and shitty as days go. The Seeing-Eye came out to help with an issue we were having at work with other dogs. 899 more words


Pregnant, deaf woman punched along with her service dog on airplane


Pregnant, deaf woman punched along with her service dog on airplane

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Image from Phillip Moreno… 275 more words



Today is not just your birthday but our anniversary. It’s been three years. Three short years since we first met. Working with you has been freedom; I am not grounded when walking with you, I am soaring, I am untouchable, in flight – and the only thing that connects me to Earth is the smell and sound of the environment…and you: the pull of your harness, the turn and direction of your body; informing me to slow down, speed up, turn left, turn right, there is a door, a curb, a bench, the Publix bakery, a hallway, my favorite chair at the university library, home. 1,206 more words


My Service Animal Is A Dinosaur

OMG! This video could not have presented itself at a more opportune time. I was just about to criticize the whole service animal issue in California. 502 more words


Baby Wesker

People are always surprised that my cat stays in her carrier, or when she does climb out she crawls on me and is still leashed to her carrier. 110 more words

Mental Health

I have no idea what you are talking about.

I am told I name my fur babies odd names. When Mom was given the chance to name my first cat she named him Michael. He was a black and white tuxedo cat and she named him after Michael Jackson. 242 more words

Mental Health