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Today I was searching for apartments on Craigslist, and I emailed this guy, inquiring about his place.  I told him that I had a small service dog.  184 more words

So Ridiculous I Forgot To Laugh, Part 1

This post is inspired by a story on “Good Morning America” today.

I used to have a service pooch. Lyra would make me more independent, I thought. 141 more words

Rants And Raves

Izzy and the Easter Bunny in the Bush

It’s been a busy month. Izzy took care of me while I was sick for a week around Valentine’s Day, then we had two weeks off from work because of snow, and by that time, it was mid-term week at the College, so I’ve been slammed with doing evaluations for my faculty. 114 more words

Therapy dogs brought to Humber in hopes of relieving student stress

Reporter Jacob Wilson-Hajdu
Camera Lucy Sky

St.John’s Ambulance dogs were brought to Humber as an attempt to relieve some stress for the students around mid-term time. 12 more words

Audio And Video Interviews

What is considered a service dog and can anyone just claim their mutt is one?

To start, I want to state that I am a pet lover and I believe in service animals for people with disabilities, be it physical or emotional. 

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Service Animals Now Allowed On NJ School Buses

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — Students with disabilities are now allowed to bring service animals on school buses in New Jersey.

Gov. Chris Christie signed the measure into law on Monday. 82 more words


Non-Service Dogs In Public

Service dogs serve a huge purpose to their owner. They provide care, assistance & friendship to those in need from a wide variety of things. Some of which you can’t see from afar, but some you can. 203 more words