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The Flaw In The System

Officer Hallaway winced as he approached the wrecked car. The driver had crossed in front of cars to strike a streetlight. It seemed like he turned left when he intended to turn right, but that seemed ridiculous. 158 more words

Short Fiction

St. George couple is raising 8 service dogs from puppyhood to certification; volunteers needed

ST. GEORGE, Utah — Eight snuggly-soft newborn puppies are looking for volunteers to help them become service dogs for people with special needs, according to the… 114 more words


Important reminder to not engage Service Dog without Handler's permission

Hailey Ashmore has several conditions, including: epilepsy, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, reactive hypoglycemia, severe allergies, gastroparesis, and asthma.

The 16-year-old from Dallas, TX relies on the help of her service dog, Flynn. 48 more words


invisible service dog

Tonight on tales from bizarro world:

Guest checks in that wants a ADA room, meaning she wants a handicapped room. She wants one with a bathtub. 252 more words

Several states crack down on dog service fraud

Not that this has much to do with technology, other than the fact I read it online, but it is a topic that seems to be garnering more and more attention:  Service Animals.  125 more words


Service and Therapy Animals.

There are days in which the animals I care for the only reason I make it out of bed. Having depression and anxiety make it difficult to do even the most basic things at times but I know that I’m able to do a whole lot more each day because I have all these animals depending on me. 997 more words