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Heard of service dogs? Well, here's a service soldier~

A feel good video for your Monday morning~

Living Life to the Best of Your Possibility

‘One can judge a nation by the way it treats its most vulnerable” ~ Aristotle

Victoria Kaloss

Victoria Kaloss

Tenant Tip: Fair housing & service animals

Solid Ground’s Tenant Counselors receive frequent questions about tenants’ rights around having service or assistive animals in housing in Washington state. Common questions include:

  • What information can my landlord ask about my need for a service animal?
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Tenants' Rights

Calendar girls Florida tour the Southeastern guide dog school.

Calendar girls Florida tour the Southeastern guide dog school, where our sponsered puppies for Veterans are being trained.

The project is called “Paws for Patriots” 24 more words

Daily Post

News paper clipping

The Calendar girls donated $5,000.to the Southwestern Guide Dog school.

Sponsoring another puppy for veterans, to date the group has donated $57,000.

Fantastic feat, that is a lot of  feet dancing , practicing and performing. 32 more words

Daily Post

Ad #112: Better in Comparison

Here’s an ad that imagines a world where there are other service animals (animals trained to perform tasks for those with disabilities) besides dogs for the visually impaired. 160 more words

June 2015

They Let HORSES Into The Water Park?

The grumpy blue smurf has a job. Yes, let’s all run in fear as she joins the ranks of the working paid. I must say I am quite proud because they pay her pretty good for a first job and it is not in the service industry. 549 more words


Getting Rid of the Clark Country Curfew for Pets At the Strip aka the Strip Pet Ban

There is a little, maybe more than that, controversy over the true purpose of the Vegas Pet Strip Curfew (VPSC) and it is obviously a problem because, as I’ve pointed out, and as anyone could find out for themselves, the police don’t always give the same answer as to what the law specifically is about it or agree what animals are supposed to be banned, and it also causes a conflict between officers who love or like cats verses the morons and mean-spirited ones who don’t and refuse to acknowledge the obvious: cats can serve as service animals, or as some say, “emotional support animals” and so do serve a purpose for the disabled that helps them with their disability. 1,977 more words

Las Vegas