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Employer Checklist: Responding to Request for an Assistive Animal

A possible accommodation for an employee’s disability may be the use of an assistive animal in the workplace. What considerations should go into deciding whether to allow this accommodation? 745 more words

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Rant Day!!! I give up...time for a bigger hammer?

It’s not titled “Adventures in a PTSD World” for nothing and I did say that this blog shared the dual purpose of mentoring and as a place for me to vent every once in a while. 1,122 more words

It's so taxing....

Today I got my taxes done. I go to the same H&R Block office every year, when I dropped off my records my lady asked me if I was going to bring my service cat next time. 394 more words

Service Animals at UF

Jeanny Lavache

Students with disabilities at the University of Florida are able to use their service animals to make everyday tasks easier.

According to the University of Florida’s Environmental Health and Safety website, UF allows the use of trained service animals by individuals with disabilities in all public areas at the university. 391 more words

The Pup Behind the Vest

Jeanny Lavache

Sara Cork is using her love for dogs to give back to her community.

The University of Florida student is the only puppy trainer in Gainesville who works with the Guide Dog Foundation. 401 more words

Monday Minstrel: The Miniature Horse

Miniature: A thing that is much smaller than normal. A plant or animal that is a smaller version of an existing variety or breed.

The miniature horse is very diminutive in stature, with height less than 34-38 inches (86-97cm) measured from the ground to the withers. 194 more words

The Monday Minstrel

2 Tips To Ace Service Dog Access Challenges

It’s an unfortunate truth, but the reality is that many disabled people feel stigmatized because of the ignorance and yes, poor behavior of some community members. 200 more words

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