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so many cute mini Mouse

The Calendar Girls wowed the ladies of the Red Hat Society at its annual Gala luncheon at the Royal Palm Theater on Friday, February 20th. The audience was pumped up and full of enthusiasm.(Photos by Ronald A.Cox)

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Piedmont man's mission to educate people on service dogs

GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — A study done by the University of Arizona estimates that about one percent of people with disabilities have some kind of service dog to help them in life or, in some cases, to warn them of health conditions. 75 more words


Service animal bill wins unanimous vote in first committee hearing

A bill that would make it a second-degree misdemeanor to pass your family pet off as a service animal made it through its first committee hearing on Tuesday with a unanimous vote. 286 more words


Fake service dog investigation: Finding the people behind the lucrative online business

DENVER — It takes hard work, dedication and years of training to become a service dog, but imposters are giving good dogs a bad name. A FOX31 Denver investigation found dozens of websites selling service animal certifications, animal vets and ID cards to pet owners so they can take their furry friends into restaurants, malls and airplanes. 680 more words


Colorado company selling service animal accessories to able-bodied pet owners

DENVER — Service pets are a lifeline for people with disabilities.

But a FOX31 Denver investigation found there is an increase in the number of people buying a license or certification that allows them to take their animal inside restaurants and on airplanes for free. 629 more words