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Service and Therapy Animals.

There are days in which the animals I care for the only reason I make it out of bed. Having depression and anxiety make it difficult to do even the most basic things at times but I know that I’m able to do a whole lot more each day because I have all these animals depending on me. 997 more words


Blind man's service dog attacked by 'fake' service dog

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – A California man is upset after his service dog was attacked by another passenger’s “fake” service dog on the Sacramento Light Rail. 302 more words


A life of Servitude?

As a guide dog owner for some 30 years, I was interested to come across this article, “Service Animals: A ‘Chosen’ Career Path or a Life of Servitude?”, by Joy Thomas, a teacher and guide dog owner, … 189 more words


Scamming the System or Struggling for Survival?

The topic I am about to discuss may be controversial for some, but I believe that it is absolutely necessary for the public to become both aware of and knowledgeable about it. 2,099 more words


Put em' in a cage they say!

By Phillip Santos

The HSU campus is not a zoo. After attending this university for almost four years I’m inclined to disagree with that statement for a variety of reasons, but those who carry that sentiment have made their voices heard. 731 more words

Rescue Dog to Helper Dog

At two years old, Lady’s ribs protruded from her coat and her belly was swollen with milk.

Like the thirteen other Labs that had arrived at a rest stop in Union, CT on the straight 12½-hour drive from Muncie, IN, she was presented to us on a crisp autumn day amid the chaos of respective adopters. 711 more words

Book Review: Until Tuesday

Summary: Wounded Warrior Luis Carlos Montalvan finds healing in the companionship of his service dog Tuesday.

My rating: 5/5

I really enjoyed this book and I cried. 204 more words