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Service Dog Central

Service Dog Central is a community of service dog partners and trainers working together to provide the public with information about service dogs.

Guide Dogs… 134 more words

Service Animals

Journal of a crazy cat lady: Lineage of the Clan: Lucy.

Momma Lucy, Queen of the house… Wife to Sky, mother of Katja, Tangerine, and Blackica.

This cat really helped connect me to the idea of a woman-self. 531 more words


Feline Assists Traumatized Student (Or Vice Versa?)

DYSTOPIA–Many people have noticed that a growing number of college students use service dogs, but A Dystopia student might be one of the first to be used by a service cat. 140 more words

Guy Stashed Monkey In His Shirt For Flight To Vegas Instead Of Explaining It’s A Support Animal

Here’s some advice we never thought we’d have to give: if you’re going to bring a monkey on a commercial plane, it’s best to inform the airline you’re traveling with that it’s an emotional support animal, instead of stashing it in your shirt. 196 more words

That’s Not a Service Dog, But It Is a Working Dog

Too many people don’t understand the differences between many types of working dogs.  Anything Pawsable has written a helpful article outlining what is and isn’t a service dog and also discusses other types of working dogs including Therapy dogs, Emotional Support Animals, Facility dogs, and a special type of facility dog, Courthouse Companion dogs. 90 more words

Service Animals

The Hidden Complications of Fake Service Dogs

Sometimes when Service Dog handlers or Service Dog trainers are out in public, they encounter someone who gushes that their dog would be “just perfect!” for Service Dog work. 116 more words


Seeing Eye Sasquatch

Sometimes people ask me if I have a seeing eye dog; I don’t. I’ve been holding out for a seeing eye Sasquatch. I don’t have one yet, and it looks like it’s going to be a while. 736 more words