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What Is Social Media Maturity? | Simply Measured

Nearly every technology applied to business processes, from change management software to cyber security, now boasts a maturity model. They’re intended to point out how far a company has gone towards optimizing the use of the technology.

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How to Market in this Age of Micro-Moments

Google argues that mobile has fractured or fragmented forever consumer behavior into dozens or hundreds of short, fleeting, intent-driven moments. Digitally enabled by smart phones, consumers search for information, learn about brands, buy products anytime or anywhere, wherever they have a “micro-moment” of time, often while doing something else.

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Switching Costs: 6 Ways To Lock Customers Into Your Ecosystem

A great product isn’t enough to bring a flock of customers to your door.
You must design a superior business model to attract and retain customers… 11 more words

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Wow: 81% of Enterprises Are Relying On Analytics To Gain Greater Customer Insights

According to a recent KPMG survey of C-level executives, 92% are using data and analytics to gain greater insights into marketing. 72% report their enterprises are regular to heavy users of social media data to improve customer relationships.

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