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Chatbots Magazine: Conversational #Bots and the Future of #APIs #smact

Conversational Bots and the Future of APIsWith chatbots and conversational UIs set to dramatically change the way users interact with apps, there’s a less talked about use case for conversational interfaces that could be even more dramatic: Conversational APIs.By no means am I the first person to suggest this idea — there have already been articles written predicting the death of the API at the hands of chatbots. 83 more words

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The Globe and Mail: There’s no #innovation agenda without #designthinking

This piece is part of By Design, a Globe and Mail/OCAD University summer series highlighting design thinking, issues and innovation.

Sara Diamond is president and vice-chancellor of OCAD University. 94 more words

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#Digital in industry: From buzzword to #value creation

From supply chains to production to customer experience, digitization is transforming the way industry functions—and unleashing global opportunities for value creation..

Source: Digital in industry: From buzzword to value creation

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Why Are We Still Classifying Companies by Industry? #disruption

For more than 60 years, investors, analysts, business leaders, and even governments, have classified companies based on industries.. First there were Standard Industry Classification codes, which were introduced in 1937, then the North American Industry Classification System, and now we have Standard and Poor’s Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS).. 9 more words

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@Gartner's Distributed #Marketing Hinges on Orchestration

It’s easy to ask the wrong question, as my colleague Augie Ray pointed out in a recent post. But why do marketers ask the wrong question? 32 more words

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The 30 Things Customers Really Value

Executive teams often struggle to land innovations that will significantly grow the business.. A chronic problem is their emphasis on searching for breakthrough innovation — the creation of a truly new, highly valued product or service that could redefine their industry and lead to unprecedented revenue growth.. 10 more words

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