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Orlando Night Life : DCP Edition

So this post is specifically aimed towards people who are currently in the Disney College program or who are looking to do the program some time in the near future. 938 more words


"Is this going to be forever?"

A friend recently posted on Facebook about an encounter she had with a guest while this person was dining in her section.

I’ll paraphrase, because I’m too lazy to click over and copy verbatim. 172 more words


Komali Now Open Sunday Evenings

by Steven Doyle

Abraham Salum has been busy travelling South America and gearing up for his next appearance at the James Beard House in New York. 225 more words

Steven Doyle

Spreading the wordseed II.

Starsky and Hutch!

Brady and Moss!

Penn and Teller!

Walt and Jesse!

Jeff and Andrew?

You heard read correctly, folks! Andrew over at my blog away from blog, 117 more words


Parallels: Serving, watching porn, and drugs.

My apologies, first off, for the misleading title. There will be no porn, nor will there be no drugs.

You probably won’t have to wait for anything either, though. 652 more words


The Tenth Commandment of Eating in a Restaurant.

Thou Shalt Not Be a Dick.

Pretty self-explanatory. When you go out to eat, there is a team of 50 people that, in some way or another, work together to ensure your dining experience is equal to that of everyone else’s. 151 more words


The Ninth Commandment of Eating in a Restaurant.

Thou Shalt Tip

Did you know that in a lot of places, servers make an hourly wage of $2.13? Some places it gets as high as $4.65, while in places like New York and California it’s more like $8 because it costs 1,500 bucks a month to rent a 300 square-foot apartment. 259 more words