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Using Sports to Engage Your Tenants

Now that the winter Olympics are in full swing (or should I say full schuss?) and everybody is caught up in supporting their country’s athletes, it’s a good time to look at how property managers can use sports to engage their tenants. 397 more words

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Closing the Student Service Quality Gaps

We use the ‘Service Quality Model’ developed by Parasuraman et al (1988) to help us identify, understand and reduce any shortfalls of our service delivery. By closing the five ‘gaps’ in service quality below we aim to improve our service to students. 425 more words

Service Quality

Developing our Core Competencies

These are the questions I think we should reflect upon to get a greater understanding each of our information service’s core competences with a view to develop them for the challenges of the future. 642 more words

Service Quality

Information Service Core Competencies

A core competence is “a bundle of skills and technologies rather than a single discrete skill or technology.” (Hamel and Prahalad)

From my observation the Student Services Information Desk (SSiD) has a specific set of core competencies that deliver additional value to students and their supporters which are difficult to imitate. 459 more words

Service Quality

Our Key Performance Areas

Service Delivery
We recognise that we need to continue to improve the quality, speed and effectiveness of our delivery to service users. To this end we will: 578 more words

Service Quality

사물인터넷 기술을 이용한 의료서비스 사례 연구 및 효과에 대한 연구

정남호, 엄태휘, 이경전, & 박아름. (2016). 사물인터넷 기술을 이용한 의료서비스 사례 연구 및 효과에 대한 연구. 서비스경영학회지, 17(3), 251-265. (link)


As IoT(Internet of Things) technology evolves, O2O(online to offline) service has been expanded which is using NFC(Near Field Communication) and beacon technology. 135 more words

IoT Business Model

Service quality impacting customer satisfaction: the importance of physical arenas in travel agencies

Travel agencies are important intermediaries in the tourism industry. They connect the consumer with the product; be it as a package holiday, a flight or only accommodation (Ka Wai Lai, 2014). 498 more words

Core Concepts Of Customer Engagement Management