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Student Satisfaction with the One-Stop-Shop

We are an information service that communicates thousands of general university messages to students and answers the majority of their face to face enquiries. As a service we are here to support the learning environment and help students with general student-related information and administration requirements. 516 more words

Service Quality

Driving Service Improvement using Feedback from Students

We are committed to using feedback from our students to drive improvement in our services and demonstrate clearly that we take action based upon their feedback. 587 more words

Service Quality

Understanding Our Service Quality Gaps

Although we have a long standing reputation for high levels of student satisfaction we try not to become complacent about our service delivery. Over the years we have used the ‘Service Quality Model’ developed by Parasuraman et al (1988) to help us explore and discuss any potential shortfall of performance. 526 more words

Service Quality

Student-Centred Dimensions of Service Quality

As an information service we are always looking at ways we can understand and improve the quality of service we provide to students and their supporters. 501 more words

Service Quality

Do You Have a Service Recovery Strategy?

We all know how important it is to have a clearly defined tenant service strategy … everyone’s heard that the happier your tenants are, the more likely they’ll renew their leases. 479 more words

Tenant Retention

The Problem with ‘Red, Amber, Green’

I have always thought that the so-called traffic light system, which classifies service quality as ‘red, amber, green’ is so crude as to be otiose. A recent article in BMJ Quality and Safety explicates the logic behind my intuition. 337 more words

Richard Lilford

Shouldn't We Try Improving Service Quality by Improving our Workers Health as well?

The nature of the hotel industry is dynamic due to fluctuating profits, tight margins and pressure to deliver high quality service to their guests /patrons. High employee turnover, Presenteeism and Absenteeism within the Hospitality Industry presents a challenge for effective management (Demir, 2004) Confronted with a tight labour supply and the need to enhance service quality, today’s hospitality managers should look to invest in human resources rather than just minimizing labour costs (Klebanow and Elder, 1992) … 1,500 more words