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There is no experience better at reminding us that life is short. Funerals symbolise the body moving from this realm into earth or ash whilst the soul moves on. 412 more words


The Arcturians ~ Your First Interdimensional Reunion is with your SELF ~ September 29, 2016

By Suzanne Lie, 09/29/2016

Week 3 – Interdimensional Life Review

This week we celebrate our Reunion
with our Early Adulthood SELF

Your First Interdimensional Reunion is with your SELF… 1,645 more words

Worth losing friends over?

Archbishop Tim Dolan on Fox and Friends this morning  (I watch both Fox and CNN) giving advice on how to talk to friends about the current election cycle. 434 more words


Community Policing is the Path to Success

Ive served in Afghanistan. And Ive served in Iraq. Ive been placed in the position to have to “engage” many persons armed or unarmed.

But one thing even Privates E1-E3 in the Infantry understood, and that big Army was slow to understand, wars are won within communities. 257 more words

Service To Others

A “Relevant” Message from Sphere-Being Alliance… ~ August 27, 2016

This is a message I found on Kp’s blog. Kp is at Mt. Shasta right now engaging in a meeting there of many who are interested in changing the current dismal state found on Earth at this time. 766 more words

The principal effort is the opening of the heart chakra

The principal effort typical of third density meditative work is the opening of the heart chakra—or the green ray energy center—for only when this center is opened can work in the higher centers be engaged in a way that reflects the polarity we have called service to others.

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