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~ Steve Beckow ~ Rich Days ~ Posted August 27, 2015

This is what it’s going tobe like folks…this article written by Steve Beckow is a fine discription of how we will feel after we encounter the rising vibraational state of, well… 156 more words

Steve Beckow - Service to Self / Service to Others - 8-17-15

Steve Beckow


If you were to ask me which is preferable – service to self or service to others – I’d have to think for a sec. 183 more words

Steve Beckow

Dreams of Choking

I’ve met several people over the years who, like myself, have experienced recurring dreams of a particularly disturbing nature. These dreams are on a similar spectrum that involve choking or being choked by substances which have been inserted into the airway through the mouth. 1,008 more words


Wu Wei - an interpretation towards living better (part 1)

I have attempted to study taoism and zen on and off for the last twenty years and thus attempt to innately utilise important elements of way where possible in my everyday life, of course it isn’t always easy or easily understood….. 526 more words

Service To Others

The Spiritual Fruit of Service

In one of the most powerful passages in the New Testament, Jesus informs that as we do acts of kindness, to the least of those around us, then we have in fact done those deeds to God. 231 more words

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Finding your Purpose

Are you searching to find out what your purpose is?

Do you often ask yourself  ” is this all there is to life?  or hear yourself say “There has to be more than this” 407 more words

Practical Christianity 101: Give Yourself Away

This is the third of four installments in the series entitled “Practical Christianity 101,” the purpose of which is to consider the application, the “how-to,” of practicing our faith. 1,666 more words

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