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JENNY SCHILTZ - Service to Others - Service to Self - 1-14-18

Jenny Schiltz

Jenny Schiltz

Published on Dec 9, 2017


Brief video on a concept that must be mastered as we move forward on the Higher Ascension Timeline jennyschiltz.com Keep up to date, like my fb page… 7 more words

From “Wantrepreneur” to Real Entrepreneur : Signs You're a Wantrepreneur and How to Change it

Perhaps nobody tells you this, but being an entrepreneur REALLY is not as good as it sounds. It’s not just about your dreams or vision, or your future possibilities of financial freedom. 2,727 more words

Improving Self

The Gift of Serving

It is Christmas Eve and it seems like Thanksgiving was yesterday. Our “go-go-go” world seems to pick up the pace to breakneck speed this time of year. 454 more words




As the holiday season winds down, I find myself sad.  Not depressed thank God, just sad. Yes, the holidays this year have taken their toll on me.    415 more words


8 Reasons Why Entrepreneurship is an Awesome Choice for Spiritual People

So you had your spiritual awakening.

It was intense.

You felt like your life was turning upside down, shackled down once again, crushed by universe some more, and then they left you there. 2,370 more words

Improving Self

Hello, me? Is that you?

Lately I feel as though I am waking up from a long, fitful slumber. I’m beginning to stretch out my limbs, to wriggle my fingers and toes as a shaft of sunlight hits the centre of my face, an inkling light forming in both eyes, moving my feet back and forth so that my ankles make clicking sounds, slowly arching my back and stretching my chest in preparation to start being me again. 391 more words