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003: Overcoming the Odds


This week, host Josh Long, shares a conversation with Jim Kilby. Jim had overcome many odds as a young man. Constantly drinking, using drugs, and running with a very rough crowd, Jim began to wonder how he had slipped so far.  328 more words


The principal effort is the opening of the heart chakra

The principal effort typical of third density meditative work is the opening of the heart chakra—or the green ray energy center—for only when this center is opened can work in the higher centers be engaged in a way that reflects the polarity we have called service to others.

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Making a difference

This summer was my 22nd working for DOOR. I have had the opportunity to witness many amazing things. DOOR has grown from a Denver-only program to a national network. 489 more words

Be a winner today…

“There are victories of the soul and spirit.  Sometimes, even if you lose, you win.”  (Elie Wiesel)

The quote above from Elie Wiesel was used on the… 491 more words


Karma Yoga: Enlightenment Through Service to Others

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

Karma Yoga is a path to enlightenment achieved through selfless service that often involves some form of work.

Anything that helps people can be considered service, which includes creative work. 899 more words


"So what is the message?"

If the whole world was listening what would you want to tell them? If you were given just one chance to say something ridiculously important, what would you say? 675 more words


Inspiring Quotes | Muhammad Ali

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” – Muhammad Ali

All too often we take our place on earth for granted.

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