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The Project: An Introduction

Hello and welcome to linguisticsmattersblog, a proposal for the integration of basic linguistic analysis in language education.

Learning a new language can be challenging. I, myself, have always felt like I am a skilled language learner; I pick words and phrases up quickly and can usually converse with locals to at least barter to score some cheap Ugg boots for a sweet deal. 792 more words

How my people dance

I recently attended Ubuntu Cultural Celebration in Pretoria, South Africa. The event showcased different ethnic groups through dance, music and traditional attire. I feel strongly about celebrating what is uniquely South African and African, so this was right up my alley. 233 more words


WordPower @ The Hub

WordPower is a new literacy program launching at The Hub in September 2016.

Participants of the program will meet once a week to read and discuss fiction, poetry and plays by writers from around the world, and will be engaged in writing exercises that will encourage creative and personal expression. 79 more words


Catie the Idealist

Before moving to Lesotho I had some very broad stroke ideas of how my life would be in Peace Corps. So here I have listed and debunked some of my first thoughts about my magical PC life: 358 more words

Peace Corps

After 13 years of drafting the first policy, Wits will finally implement Sesotho, IsiZulu and South African Sign Language on campus. 473 more words


Phase III

Some of my friends at home have joked that it seems like I’m constantly telling them that I’m “finally a real Peace Corps Volunteer!” They’re not wrong – in the last 6 months, I’ve made it to quite a few milestones. 931 more words

The Women In Resistance exhibition is up!

The Women In Resistance exhibition is up! Officially opening tomorrow, Wednesday March 30 at Morija Museum & Archives.

In February, eleven members of The Hub were trained in the basics of portrait photography and journalistic writing. 123 more words