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Our memories are patchy or nonexistent, but the three of us have danced this dance for ions. We just dont remember it.

It’s always the same, there is a girl with red hair that i love and she is unattainable. 376 more words


I <3 Us

Sitting at table in a divey bar is the members of xforce including deadpool, sessa and victor creed. Theyre deep in conversation

Domino to sessa and victor: so how did you two meet? 148 more words


True Love

On instagram Logan notices that victor and sessa havent updated with obnoxious couple pics of themselves in a while. So on their last on he comments: 52 more words


Salve Italia

When I arrived in Lugano it was already arranged that my friends neighbour came to get me at the train station. We loaded the bike into the car, and shortly after a storm was over Lugano. 121 more words