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08.02.15 Sesshin

Breathing together,

Waves lapping at the shore –

Seep into the sand.


Ango Morning [3]

sounds of tenzo’s teacups
and pots for oatmeal
filter through the zendo’s morning incense,

through my regret
for the unfolding of
the evening before.

a patch of emerging sunlight… 9 more words


Ango Morning [2]

winter dawn strains through
slatted windows;
snow sits over the grounds
with no thought of attainment.
tears in the zendo fall,
unencumbered by gravity.


Attuned, Listening

to with anti-mechanical repetition
deepen the relationship between
known and unknown minutiae
ought to be concurrent with all breath.

wherein ordinary is exemplary
affectation diminishes its self, 38 more words


Touching the Heart Mind

I finished work early today,
walked out of the office
I built in my barn
into a cool afternoon.

I took the clippers from the… 52 more words


week-long silent retreat at the monastery

November is a good a month for a meditation retreat at Great Vow Zen Monastery in Oregon. Several zendo friends have gone in recent years and Rita and Peter are again organizing ride-cost-sharing for the 4-hour drive (plus 90-min ferry ride). 74 more words

Zen Meditation

A thing I did!

So I have been offline since last Thursday sometime (I know, unthinkable, right?) and didn’t know whether Scotland was independent or the Stock Market had crashed or zombies taken over New York City or anything until I walked in the door coming back home not too long ago and M told me (well, she didn’t mention the zombie thing, but I assume she would have, right?). 550 more words