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Guy Tapes Money To Himself In Public And Tells People To ‘Take What They Need,’ What Actually Happens Is Disgusting

“Like OMG I have a NAIL appointment tomorrowwww!”

“I don’t need the money but it’s free so why wouldn’t I take it?”

These people are the reason the world is going to shit. 115 more words


Eve Family (Augusta, Georgia)

A man named Joseph Eve was the inventor of the Eve cotton gin which was used before the Whitney cotton gin. He had a factory seven miles from Augusta, Georgia. 649 more words

Session 46

Hamilton Yancey (27 Sep. 1848-15 Nov. 1931)

Hamilton Yancey was born in Edgefield District, South Carolina. He was the son of Benjamin Cudworth Yancey, Jr. (1817-1891) and his second wife, Sarah Paris Hamilton. 386 more words


John Edward Ayres (21 Nov. 1845-28 Apr. 1933)

John E. Ayres was the son of William L. Ayres (b. ca. 1820), a farmer in Rockbridge County, Virginia, and his first wife, Margaretta McLaughlin (b. 409 more words


Funkhouser Family (Missouri)

Tilden Selmes Funkhouser (10 Feb. 1848-25 Jan. 1884) was born in Hannibal, Missouri. His brother Robert Monroe Funkhouser (10 Dec. 1850-13 Mar. 1923) was born in St. 656 more words

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Abney Family (South Carolina and Texas)

During the American Revolution, at Hays’ Station in Laurens County, South Carolina, Samuel Abney was killed and his farm burned by Tory renegades. His pregnant wife, Martha, who had 4 children under 10, survived him. 510 more words


Antrim Family (Albemarle County, Virginia)

William Wayland Antrim (May 1845-3 Nov. 1886) and John Taylor Antrim Jr. (28 Dec. 1849-8 May 1936) were the sons of John Taylor Antrim Sr. (1810-1884), a Charlottesville, VA, merchant, and his wife, Margaret Woods Wayland (1821-1904) of Madison County, VA. 437 more words