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#MusicBusinessMonday: Session Musicians

Session Musicians: Quality music starts with talented musicians. Your mastery of instruments, performance, and sometimes improvisation can make the difference between a recording that’s just Ok and a recording that’s a masterpiece, so your skills should not go unrewarded. 184 more words

Career Advice

The Ever-Growing List of Famous Session Bands

It seems like every couple of years there’s a documentary about some renowned studio crew. A group of musicians that stuck together and helped create a style, a  497 more words


A beginner's guide to dealing with session musicians

A fiddle player’s thoughts on the etiquette of dealing with session musicians……….

Let’s say you’re a self-taught songwriter –  or an indie band  – and you’ve hired a session musician to put those final magic touches to your recording. 803 more words


We've All Gone Solo #14 (Spooner Oldham)

Dewey Lindon “Spooner” Oldham may have been born in Center Star, Alabama but the name of his hometown does not indicate the nature of his otherwise successful musical career. 675 more words

Rock On Record

Album Planning

I’ve been writing songs for a while now, and while a great many of those aren’t album worthy, much like the monkeys and typewriters metaphor, after enough songs have been churned out, some are bound to be decent, even in first draft form. 730 more words

Another 5 Years

Bowie began the second half of the 70’s in a very bad way indeed. Physically and mentally he was in poor shape as a direct result of his cocaine addiction. 650 more words

Rock Music

The Beach Boys, Good Vibrations (1966)

Artist: The Beach Boys
Title: Good Vibrations
Description: single; album track, Smiley Smile
Label: Capitol
Release date: 1966; 1967
First heard: circa 1970

Ooh, bop, bop… 725 more words

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