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The Beach Boys, Good Vibrations (1966)

Artist: The Beach Boys
Title: Good Vibrations
Description: single; album track, Smiley Smile
Label: Capitol
Release date: 1966; 1967
First heard: circa 1970

Ooh, bop, bop… 725 more words

The 143

Unsung Heros.... Raphael Ravenscroft

What makes a great record?

A great song is some sort of ethereal combination of lyrics and chords, everyone from Bob Dylan to Ed Sheeran has traded in the concept of the perfect song, the sort of thing that can be performed on an acoustic guitar and still sounds great. 579 more words

Rock Music

Oh Ho Ho.........Its Pilot

By the mid 70’s my record collection had hit double figures. I had the Beatles ‘blue’ compilation album, 24 Caret Purple and, bizarrely , the Jesus Christ Superstar Soundtrack. 866 more words

Rock Music

The Wrecking Crew (2015)

This isn’t one of those documentaries that leave you feeling wrecked at the end with your emotions, but it was a highly interesting look at the music industry in Los Angeles during the 60’s. 144 more words


Basspiration Wednesday - 5/27/2015

A recent article on Mix Magazine online entitled “When Sessions Reigned Supreme: The Players, Studios from L.A.’s Golden Age” has completely fired my imagination. The article tracks the late 70s/early 80s heyday of the Los Angeles session musician scene. 236 more words


Album planning

I’m Joy sure if it’s just me, or if every musician runs into problems with album planning. I’m addicted to song writing, and I often perform alone. 558 more words

New To Us - Torres

What happens when the pupil becomes the master? Torres is a former collaborator and support artist for the rather brilliant, and For The Rabbits album of the year winning… 1,414 more words