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The hardest lesson I had to learn...

I was 16 years old, still at school, and I had a phone call from a producer (friend of a friend) whose regular drummer had broken his wrist with a recording booked up for the following week. 540 more words

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Jon And Sally Tiven: Dynamic Writing/Producing Team find Unexpected Success-An Article By Ron Wynn

 *Sally and Jon Tiven with blues icon Buddy Guy (Photo Used Courtesy Of Jon Tiven)

Dynamic writing/producing team find unexpected success

By Ron Wynn

The writing/production/instrumental duo (as well as husband and wife) team of Jon and Sally Tiven have worked with many legends of soul, blues, R&B, rock and pop over the years. 1,010 more words

Ron Wynn

6 reasons joining a covers band was the best thing I ever did for my career...

I’ve been getting a lot of messages recently from people asking ‘what’s the one bit of advice you’d give to someone wanting to get into the music industry as a professional player?’ For me a big turning point was joining a covers band! 602 more words

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Being Concurrent

Concurrent activity is one of my favourite types of activity, no matter what it is! It could be learning songs whilst exercising, working whist travelling or even cooking and hanging the washing out! 579 more words

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Should I Have A Website?

In short… YES!

As great as it is having Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, a YouTube channel, and all the rest, it doesn’t serve a great purpose of people trying to look you up on a professional level. 561 more words

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How to Use Samples and Electronics

This is a post for anyone wanting to use electronic samples as part of their setup. Although this is mainly aimed at drummers, I have seen bassists and keys players also using them, so whatever floats your boat. 638 more words

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7 Steps To Getting That Call

These days being a musician is so much more than just being able to play your instrument!

In my last post, I talked about all the other skill sets you can have to make yourself more employable once you’ve been called for the job. 675 more words

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