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Every artist that makes it out of the bedroom will at some point begin collaborating. It is essential to development. But it is often a rather tricky procedure to begin with. 659 more words


A Story Of Kindness

No man is an island – John Donne

Well as it turns out, nor is any woman.

I’ve been feeling very reflective the past week or so about the career path I have trodden so far, about the people who have helped and been supportive along the way.

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Session Musicians

The Art Of Motivation

I’ve always had problems when it comes to practising. My motivation lacked, and I always found something to procrastinate with instead – redesign my website, write a blog, rearrange the spice cupboard etc etc. 534 more words

Session Musicians

House Kit SOS Guide : Practical solutions to making any kit sound decent!

So we’ve all had it where you show up to a gig and there’s a ‘house kit’ in the loosest of terms! Well aside from how I choose to play the kit during the gig, there are a few go-to things I do to get a good starting point for the sound and playability: 572 more words

Session Musicians

Reality check aged 14...

This is an anecdote about going to see a drum show, with 3 or 4 drummers on the bill. All phenomenal, incredibly inspiring, and after meeting them at a signing, all wonderfully friendly, kind and encouraging. 297 more words

Session Musicians