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"Any fool can know. The point is to understand."

Session : Cooper Skin , BoM applier Tone #3 @ Mainstore.

CATWA : Mesh Bento Head “Stanley

Session 4: A city gone mad

In-Game Date: Moonday, 14 Gozran, 4708

Korvosa is in anarchy. The frantic clang of alarm bells sing out in harmony with a multifarious cacophony of screams, the clash of steel on steel, shrieks of terror, and even the periodic detonation of arcane power.

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For a long time

I tried not to get involved

Avoiding conflicts

Believing that things

Would work out anyway

They did not do that

The bad people continued…

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Tomb of Annihilation #15: Surviving

Horrors envelop our heroes as they trek deeper into the jungle continent of Chult. –GM

11th of Nightal (Leaffall), 1492 DR (Dalereckoning)

On our long trek to Camp Righteous we came across a clearing of freshly grown grass and bushes. 280 more words




  • Installing To use the session
    • $ npm install –save express-session
    • session store
      • default : memory store
      • Memory Store, File Store, Mongo Store
      • for example to use the File Store …
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Age of Ashes #19: A Viking's Burial

In a missing chapter of our tale, the Ekujae elves informed the party that they are the promised “outsiders” who might save them from the Cinderclaws, who lair in the jungle “beyond the ashes” that keep the elves at bay. 491 more words


Brighammer session#2

C’est parti pour la deuxième session!

Cette dernière fut jouée en après midi d’un jour férié, session d’environ 3h.

Voici donc mes joueurs pour cette session : 2,424 more words