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Be Gentle...

Recovery is hard, it’s a simple fact. It can be so easy to allow little mistakes or slips ups to lead to a relapse, but instead we need to accept them, learn from them, and move forward. 198 more words


How to handle a major setback (Steve Mason)

Get insights that help the Christian man handle a major setback in his life (Pastors Steve Mason and Raul Chavez)


To download podcast, right click… 22 more words


Ohio Senator Cliff Hite doesn't understand the purpose of zoning, with new legislation

In a Press Conference held near the Hog Creek wind project site near Dunkirk in Hardin County, Sen. Cliff Hite announced his introduction of Senate Bill 188 to reduce setbacks for industrial wind facilities.   1,101 more words

BigWind fire burns 1600 acres, yet Ohio Senator Cliff Hite wants it next to your home!

To the Cleveland, Ohio Democratic Senators and Ohio Republican Senator, Cliff Hite, WHY do you want to put a 660 foot turbine next to an Ohio home?   95 more words

Minor Setback

I have encountered a minor setback on my way back to a full dance schedule: I have managed to damage my adductors on the other side. 651 more words


Mid-training comeback

This weekend was a struggle for me. I’ve got a few mild injuries that have added themselves together to make me fairly miserable. Most of Saturday was spent on the couch re-watching Stranger Things. 496 more words


Ohio Senators side with BigWind. It is time to vote them out of office!

IT IS TIME TO SOUND THE ALARMS IN OHIO. Ohio Senate Bill 184  which returns  measurement of setbacks to homes from property lines has been introduced in the Senate.  663 more words