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Queen of Hearts Invitational - February 14, 2015

Three meets in a row was too much! I didn’t even want to look at my pictures for weeks… then we had State Championships, I barely wanted to take pictures… but I did, but it set me back a few more weeks on wanted to sort through these photos. 350 more words



So, a lot has happened since my last post. I was feeling pretty down about having to move again so quickly. I’ve only been in my current place for about 7 months. 357 more words


Hairline Troubles!

On to something more sensitive…

I’ve never been one to really wear sew-ins or braids but I have in the past, however, I do prefer clip-ins and wigs. 415 more words


Journal Entry #3

Hearing all the commotion around the campground in the morning did nothing to speed me out of my bed. Flexing my foot, I could tell that my blisters would be the least of my problems today. 274 more words


Journal Entry #2

Some backpacking days have a very blurry beginning. Today was one of those days. I woke up very slowly. Then rolled over and slept some more. 545 more words


Day 23, Minor Setback

…probably not even a setback at all in the grand scheme of things.

With both my wife and daughter sick, I was forced to take a day off yesterday and forfeit the gym. 119 more words

Fat- not weight.

So, I did the thing that everybody has been advising against.
I weighed myself too frequently, and due to regular (totally normal) fluctuations, caught a gain in lbs instead of a loss. 434 more words