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Be Still When Setbacks Suck

Setbacks suck. You think you are making progress and then something trips you up again. I find myself in this cycle and I really hope that one day I can learn to manage it better. 297 more words



One of the predictable things about life is that there will be setbacks. No one knows how many or how often. Unfortunately, I experienced three right in a row. 123 more words

A Setback

Well. An unplanned expense has arisen.

Yep. That’s my car. Yesterday on the way to work, I crashed it! I am devastated to say the least. 696 more words


Setback - Broken Man // Steelhead - Enemy in Blue

Two bands from Alberta released new music today, Calgary’s Setback and Stealhead.

Setback play heavy hardcore with a strong metallic influence in the vein of bands like Harm’s Way, Year of the Knife, and 100 Demons (to a certain extent). 55 more words


Ja, und?

Sometimes we charge at life head-on with no regard for the consequences of our actions.

Sometimes I charge at life head-on with no regard for the consequences of my actions. 418 more words


More and then a pause...

So, I was doing well. And then I wasn’t.

I have never been one for whom running is a stress reliever. I hear a lot about people who feel like runs are spiritually centering or meditative or the like, but that’s just never been me. 375 more words

Accessory Dwelling Units: Why you may need a property survey

Many homeowners are considering adding an accessory dwelling unit to their property.  ADU’s, (also known as Secondary Dwelling Units, grandmother cottages, in-law units, etc.) have become popular due to a new CA state law that relaxes some of the building code regulations.  550 more words