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rebound 1. to bound or spring back from force of impact 2. to recover, as from ill health, or discouragement

warrior 1. a person who shows or has shown great vigor, courage, or aggressiveness, as in politics or athletics… 71 more words

Day 37 - Here we go again

So, I’m officially depressed again, confirmed by my doctor last week. I kind of knew it already; it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you don’t feel quite as good as you did a few weeks or months ago, but since I don’t feel anywhere near as bad as I have done in the past, it doesn’t seem quite right to label it ‘depression’. 322 more words


The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. And What We're Doing About It.

I know most of you must be familiar with the concept of your horse knowing your emotions before you do. Most people attribute it to horses being prey animals- they must be hyper-aware of their surroundings. 935 more words

Equine Musings

Black Hawk Down! Iowa BigWind setbacks (likeOhio) say NO

Iowa is covered with more than 3,000 wind turbines, but are the citizens beginning to see the truth about them? Much like here in Ohio, BigWind receives hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars and then throws a fraction of that back into the hosting community. 260 more words

Obstacles in the Immigration Process

Well, it was bound to happen. We have our first problem with the immigration process.

We received an email today from the Manila office today. I guess that’s the good news. 174 more words



I received my results for my second written paper yesterday.

I passed, but —

I am disappointed to say the least. With the amount of effort I have been putting into my studies and revision the last couple of months feels to have come to naught. 122 more words


Playing with Blocks

Two¬†weeks ago, I sat in the doctor’s office and explained that, despite my best and repeated efforts, I had completely and utterly failed at taping my foot. 744 more words