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Your Ohio BigWind neighbor could be getting taller, if your legislator is persuaded

What if BigWind is successful, right now, in persuading Ohio legislators to change the 1,125 foot setback that keeps an industrial wind turbine away from your property?   403 more words

BigWind tells Ohio legislators to move out of their way

We have warned of this tactic for some time.  BigWind wants to move in closer to you. The current setback in Ohio is 1,125 feet from a property line.   384 more words

Keep on Doing

I wonder how my mom felt when her mom died when she was two. I wonder how my dad felt when his father died when he was fourteen. 175 more words

BigWind's 'OILY' secret spills out

Unfortunately, many people are MIS informed about the cleanliness of renewable energy.  Industrial wind turbines are anything BUT clean and green.  In reality, each turbine has thousands of moving parts that must be lubricated with hundreds of gallons of oil.   430 more words

The Current Black Hole

I thought that the effects of my abuse were becoming manageable. I had learned coping skills for moments of anxiety or periods of darkness. I had my little pile that I could pull from. 216 more words

Road To Wellness

I recently suffered a setback.  Knowing better, but feeling mortal, I got my hopes up on an endeavor that I considered the perfect opportunity for me.   214 more words

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5 Tactics for BigWind to Protect their BOTTOM LINE- NOT YOU, the American resident

We didn’t make this up. The title of this national organization’s article is “….tactics for wind developers to protect their bottom line”. We would like to point out that they failed to list #6= MANAGE LEGISLATORS, like Senator Cliff Hite in Ohio, who is a BigWind champion.   713 more words