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Managing emotions

Over the past few days, I’ve been keeping track of my habits. So often over these past three years, and to be honest, probably before that, I go into these horrible wormholes where some event triggers me into a binge watching nightmare or moves me to daydream about a life that I don’t have. 296 more words


Next Ohio BigWind move= reduce our property line setbacks for their machines

During this week’s House Public Utilities Committee hearings Rep. Kent Smith, a Democrat from Euclid offered an amendment to allow local government to establish their own setbacks for wind. 391 more words

YCDI: Academia

Have you ever encountered a hardship in life? Have you ever struggled to pick yourself up in academia after a rough event in your life? I know I have. 456 more words


Recent Events

So this weekend was interesting.  Thanksgiving was nice, we had a small family thing.  For the first time for Enid it was a small family Thanksgiving that went well.  1,153 more words


What I learned when I failed a Project

  • Have to love what you’re doing
  • Learn to set boundaries and say no
  • Be a perfectionist when others are looking over your shoulder
  • Think about the big picture…
  • 160 more words

Cycle: Beginning

I want to identify the beginning of a destructive cycle. All things considered, this thanksgiving break has been far, far more productive than it was in my freshman year (did nothing) and sophmore year (nothing until frantically working sunday night + stress). 439 more words


But the turbine FELL within the designated setback zone

All over the web, this story reads the same…this turbine ‘fell within the designated setback zone’. This must be the new talking point for the industry, as many communities, states and countries fight to EXTEND their setback.   146 more words