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(ANOTHER) WEEK 1... Done.

Okay. So here we go again, I guess.

I spent the last 7 days in much the same way I always do. I work long days at a sedentary job and then come home with (barely) enough time to read to my kids before putting them to bed. 461 more words

Why is rural Ohio fighting against BigWind?

There are many reasons why rural communities are fighting back against wind development. This isn’t some crusade against a cleaner source of energy, that would be silly to think that people agains living in a wind turbine project want dirty air and water. 1,478 more words

BigWind attacks Ohio Rep Bill Seitz

As the primaries are only several weeks away, the heat is definitely rising.

You see the most recent mailer attacking Rep. Bill Seitz.  Big Wind and the Democrats have fired another shot accusing Seitz of trying to steal the property rights of farmers who want to lease land for turbines.  702 more words

BigWind active in Ohio and Midwest- Influence is powerful and expensive

In the Wind News where today we cover the “big picture”.  We hope to provide some context for understanding local battles taking place across the Midwest.  1,618 more words


February 27th, 2017…

For real?!? I let it slip? Again?

I mean, I guess this is who I am. I’m a guy who’s terrible at blogging. 203 more words

Thankful Thursday - Setbacks.



plural noun: setbacks

1. a reversal or check in progress.

Have ever experienced a setback? I would guess you probably have. They’re not fun. 490 more words



Lost in my mind, I am swarmed by my thoughts,
Little floating beauties, filling up my senses,
The tornado of bubbles, all look like dots, 165 more words