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NW Ohio, eyed for ‘wind corridor’, may now change map

Due to the POOR wind in Ohio, per the National Renewable Energy Lab, Representative Brown must surely be including OTHER STATES in his ‘wind corridor’?! All the Ohio turbines produce energy a mere 30% of the time, and we know from our previous post, this intermittent energy is EXPENSIVE and not necessary.   383 more words

On Setbacks and the 3Ps - Personalization, Pervasiveness and Permanence.

Normally, I am not the one who cares much for commencement speeches. They have all sounded the same to me with a common theme – reach for the moon and even if you fail, you will be among the stars. 801 more words


Privacy Shield faces another setback after Eurocrats fail to agree on deal

(Source: arstechnica.co.uk)

BRUSSELS—Transatlantic data flows between Europe and the US continue to face an uphill struggle after a meeting of EU national representatives failed on Thursday to reach an agreement on the so-called… 402 more words


Turning Setback Into 'Comeback'

It is said that setback is nothing but opportunity dressed in different clothes. Should you take the brave step of accepting the challenge, “Comeback… 87 more words


The biggest treat to any mans success is the spirit of fear.

Fear of the unknown
Fear of failure
Fear of repeated misfortune
Fear of criticism… 68 more words


Legislators push for an 'Ohio Wind Corridor' !!?!!

Tomorrow morning a Substitute House Bill 190 will be introduced in the House Public Utilities Committee to establish a designated geographic area or “Wind Corridor” where turbine setbacks could be dramatically changed.  263 more words

Is BigWind seeking a 'wind corridor' in NW Ohio????

Friday the 13th sent nightmares from American Electric Power issuing a press release and invitation for wind developers to submit information for forthcoming wind and solar projects as required by a March 31 order from the PUCO on the company’s Power Purchase Agreement. 530 more words