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"Welcome to the OC, bitch!" Rewatch of The OC S1:E1-E4

Since The OC was the show that brought us together, we thought it would be fitting to make it the first in our Rewind Rewatch series. 626 more words

TV Recap

Quinn – why you're still watching Homeland

*Warning – Spoilers are below*

Homeland is a great TV show, I am not for one minute doubting this, but like all great TV shows they can get a bit wayward around season 3 and especially season 4. 643 more words


Inspiration Wednesday

Aside from the fact that it is unfortunately Hump Day, I’m also feeling a little under the weather this week. I don’t know how this happened…IT’S SUMMER for crying out loud! 328 more words

10 Reasons Why I Loved The OC

Apparently, The OC premiered 10 years ago today. While I find that a little hard to believe (I really don’t remember watching it during that oh-so-eventful summer, where I had my first kiss and went from measly 8th-grader to super cool freshman), it must be true, since I’ve read articles about it on both… 898 more words


The Show of a Lifetime

On one of my walls in my college dorm room there’s a huge poster of a surfer walking on a beach at sunset. It says ‘It’s nothing like where you live. 2,831 more words

TV Romance: 'Shipper Life

TV Romance … I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show without it (even shows devoted to crime scene investigations throw their characters a romantic prospect every once in a while).  839 more words

TV Thoughts

Mischa Killed Marissa

The O.C. first aired on Fox in 2003. The show focuses on a group of teenagers and their families living in Orange County, California. I started watching The O.C. 738 more words