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TV Binge Report: The O.C. (Seasons 3 and 4)

I did it. I finished my marathon of all 92 episodes of The O.C.. I previously wrote about seasons 1 and 2, which were undeniably the golden age of this delightful show. 1,167 more words


Quinn – why you're still watching Homeland

*Warning – Spoilers are below*

Homeland is a great TV show, I am not for one minute doubting this, but like all great TV shows they can get a bit wayward around season 3 and especially season 4. 643 more words


Inspiration Wednesday

Aside from the fact that it is unfortunately Hump Day, I’m also feeling a little under the weather this week. I don’t know how this happened…IT’S SUMMER for crying out loud! 328 more words

10 Reasons Why I Loved The OC

Apparently, The OC premiered 10 years ago today. While I find that a little hard to believe (I really don’t remember watching it during that oh-so-eventful summer, where I had my first kiss and went from measly 8th-grader to super cool freshman), it must be true, since I’ve read articles about it on both… 898 more words


The Show of a Lifetime

On one of my walls in my college dorm room there’s a huge poster of a surfer walking on a beach at sunset. It says ‘It’s nothing like where you live. 2,831 more words

TV Romance: 'Shipper Life

TV Romance … I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show without it (even shows devoted to crime scene investigations throw their characters a romantic prospect every once in a while).  839 more words

TV Thoughts

Mischa Killed Marissa

The O.C. first aired on Fox in 2003. The show focuses on a group of teenagers and their families living in Orange County, California. I started watching The O.C. 738 more words