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Enrich the world with your raw ideas. Ship your drafts

Seth Godin’s post yesterday about saving as draft really hit me. He talked about our default position to hold an idea, a post, a project and save it in draft mode. 125 more words

Great Learning

We get what we invest in. The time we spend comes back, with interest.

The difference between who you are now and who you were five years ago is largely due to how you’ve spent your time along the way.

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there is no 'the industry'

It’s easy to say that, “the industry is to blame,” or “the industry doesn’t understand this.”

But because no one is charge, because there’s no coherent enforcement method, this is merely a shorthand. 21 more words

Like to come Along for the ride? And what's on commitment and techniques?

Like to come Along for the ride? And what’s on commitment and techniques?

Along for the ride

And the pilot says, “sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight.” 286 more words


Discussion of Linchpin by Seth Godin

Being Indispensable

Seth Godin does not like factories. A factory does not have to be a huge building with an assembly line and thousands of workers. 191 more words

Daily Download

FAV 5 Recommended Reading For Smart Entrepreneurs (April 25th, 2017)

Hello Entrepreneurs,

Welcome to our FAV 5… recommended reading/watching to help you obliterate your business goals!

Adventure as a Performance Fuel
Robin Sharma

The best time to study for the test… 50 more words


Social Media: A New Dimension In Health Research #HealthXPh

I’m so honored to have been invited to give the opening keynote address at the 3rd #HealthXPh Philippine Healthcare Social Media Summit  this week. I love this year’s theme of  “Social Media & Health Research: Connections that Matter. 182 more words