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When to Stand Up, When to Stand Down

Day 23,709: Trying To Tone Down.

Years ago, I was known for staying calm in meetings, staying calm when others were shouting at me, and generally staying calm regardless of the S**T storms going on at work. 712 more words

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"You don't need a peer-reviewed study to know that when people surf the web on their smartphones, they're not going as deep." ~Seth Godin

Seth Godin makes a great case for the fact that many of us are developing “mobile blindness”. As someone who does research and lots of writing (4 different blogs), I see this and have adjusted my approach. 337 more words

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(從我的一個喜歡與尊敬的作家,賽斯 高汀






確實很少有人去做重要的工作。 但這也是最珍貴的。


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“Everyone has an accent. The fact that we think the way we speak is normal is the first clue that empathy is quite difficult.”

If you haven’t already, check out Seth Godin’s… 10 more words

Why Bother?

A short gem from Seth Godin:

Mobile blindness

You don’t need a peer-reviewed study to know that when people surf the web on their smartphones, they’re not going as deep.

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Orwell, Herzog and Kierkegaard: Race Against Yourself

A close friend of mine told me recently he occasionally has doubts about whether he should have gone to uni or not (by the way, he’s one of the most accomplished, driven and professional people I know – a stark contrast to most of my fellow students). 414 more words


Inspired by "Linchpin": Seth Godin

In “Drop Dead Diva”, Deb claims she doesn’t deserve to be turned into Jane when she’s brought back to life on earth. In a similar way, Seth Godin claims in… 1,978 more words

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