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Some Great Advice form Seth Godin - Embarrassed

It has been a while since I wrote any work related blogs so I thought I would share some advice from the always helpful Seth Godin. 23 more words

Seth Godin

Sooner or later, the critics move on

Sooner or later, the ones who told you that this isn’t the way it’s done, the ones who found time to sneer, they will find someone else to hassle. 64 more words

Golden Godin

You might be more powerful than you think

Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine, Neil Bobb owner of Primus Risk Management Inc., and he told me about a conversation he had with his young daughter. 917 more words

Dr. M FinBlog

Business problems

  • there aren’t enough customers
  • gross margins are too low
  • word of mouth is poor
  • hiring sufficiently talented people is too difficult
  • competition just moved in next door…
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Best work followed by best work followed by more best work is far more useful and generous than merely doing your best work once and insisting we understand you.

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Campaign Marketing

According to Business Insider, 23 percent of voters said they would be voting for Donald Trump in 2016.

That statistic may seem surprising, but as we’ve seen in earlier years, Presidential elections are quite unpredictable. 278 more words

I Didn't Do Anything...But Now I Can!

In Seth Godin’s recent blog post, I Didn’t Do Anything, he talks about, as children, how we used “I didn’t do anything.” to get out of trouble. 221 more words