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What breaks your heart?

Everyday, if we allow ourselves, we are going to experience a full range of emotions; some intense, others minor and insignificant. And some of them are felt deeply and mindfully in true presence and awareness. 403 more words

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When the pen fails

The story starts with “the pen is mightier than the sword” and we totally give in to it. Our words are the polisher of rough patches, the… 339 more words

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[1: 1,818 of 10,000] Face The Difficult

I am afraid of the difficult because I am afraid to fail; but I believe that growth and success of the future stem there.

Hearing the… 153 more words


30 Things You Can Learn From Seth Godin’s “Small Is the New Big” Book [Marketing Book Review]

Why small companies? Because that is where the employees are the ones who make the decisions. Compared to Seth Godin’s book “Permission Marketing”, “Small Is the New Big” gives more insights into the author’s own business experience than digital marketing advice. 877 more words

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Disappointment and Setback, and How should they be seen in Digital Age?

Today, we are living in an era of “Thrive is a must”. By we, I mean the youth, mid 20’s or what people generally called “ 670 more words

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The magical mystery powers of gratitude

For a long time the power of gratitude eluded me.

Sure, there were times when the position of privilege I was born into, or had attained, was obvious. 576 more words

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