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No Perfect Moment - STOP putting off your success!

I was So Inspired By This Interview, one of the first times I have ever heard someone talk about that fact that there is No One Calling. 118 more words


What's with the Monopoly Pieces?

The inspiration for creating this blog was from watching an interview that Seth Godin gave the other day (see my first post to watch the video). 352 more words


Be Consistent. You Will Win.

It was around 2 A.M. The lights had gone off about an hour earlier…the fellows at the Electricity Company of Ghana probably thought the good citizens of Ghana were all fast asleep and so decided to unleash ‘Dumsor’ on us maybe to save power or maybe just because. 700 more words


Quit Before You Start: The Background

Ok, so it’s a bit of a strange title for a blog, so let me explain.

I was watching an interview on YouTube yesterday between Marie Forleo and Seth Godin (you can watch the video below) and there were actually several points that Seth made that really hit home with me (I would highly recommend watching this interview because I think everyone would get something from it). 1,435 more words


Seth Godin: Linchpin

By: Seth Godin

Godin has a deceptively simple writing style. He manages to get to the point in a straightforward  way that packs a lot of ideas and information into a small area using the least complicated language possible. 369 more words


Are We Really So Different?

As a business owner and copywriter, I follow several business bloggers. Seth Godin is one of the people whose writings often teach me something new. Today, he blogged about differences. 42 more words

Family Life

How do I Overcome Writer's Block?

I was just listening to an amazing interview with the incredible Seth Godin on Marie Forleo’s Marie TV show on her website. Seth Godin is one of my absolute favorite bloggers for a very particular reason: he blogs every day and even when his blogs are one sentence long he almost always has something thought-provoking to say. 238 more words