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Advice for developing a target audience

When you are doing a digital media campaign for a brand what do you need to do? you need to decide who to target. I would say the most important target factors to consider are geography & age. 373 more words

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Quality and Wabi-Sabi

In his podcast, Akimbo, Seth Godin teaches us how to adopt a posture of possibility, change the culture, and choose to make a difference. Here are my takeaways from… 236 more words



(從我的一個喜歡與尊敬的作家,賽斯 高汀









Seth Godin: So Simple Yet So Profound

His writing I mean…

The words that work

We’re bad at empathy. As a result, when we’re arguing a point with someone, we tend to use words and images that work on… 92 more words

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Making Ideas Travel

The eighth episode of my dive into the Startup School Podcast with Seth Godin

“Ideas are like riders and they need a horse to get to us.” Finding that horse is the hard part. 392 more words


Five Minute Writing.

First two pieces of advice – one from Seth Godin, and the other from Ray Bradbury.

Seth Godin, on how to give a five-minute presentation… 66 more words

Writing Process

Why even bother to think about strategy?

I am a big fan of planning and the approach Seth God advocates. This is an concise overview of an effective approach.

“There’s confusion between tactics and strategy. 204 more words

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