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Könyvek a polcomról

Seth Godin: Ikarosz tévedése

Szeretek olvasni. Sőt, el sem tudok aludni anélkül, hogy ne olvasnék a mobilomon egy pár rövid, agykikapcsoló cikket. Agykikapcsolónak a bulvárt hívom, mert a szemem falja betűket, de ha másnap megkérdezed, hogy melyik színésznő villantott, vagy mit reggelizett az egyik műsorvezető, nagyjából fogalmam sincs. 562 more words


Why your idea didn't fly -- and how you can give it wings

Remember that great idea you had at work? You knew it would make a huge difference for the company and its customers, that it would pay dividends long into the future. 803 more words


All Marketers Tell Stories

-By Seth Godin

Seth Godin writes why it is important to tell a story, a story that creates or answers a want rather than a need to the specific people having a similar worldview, so that your product could be sold. 95 more words


When a bureaucrat or authority figure refuses to explain ‘why’, he is showing fear (because he’s not sure why) and contempt (because he doesn’t have to care).

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If ignorance is not the problem, what is?

[I]gnorance is rarely the problem. The challenge is that people don’t always care about what you care about. And the reason they don’t care isn’t that they don’t know what you know. 197 more words

Dennis Sparks

Tribes by Seth Godin, one Reader's point of view (a brief review)

If you’re looking for a ‘How To Guide’, do not read this book. If you’re looking for inspiration & motivation & a bit of tough love, read on! 107 more words