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Conscious Capitalism, or Why Yuengling May Not Be The Beer For You

If old enough, did you stop buying Exxon and then Exxon/Mobile gas after the Exxon Valdez Alaskan oil spill in 1989?

Or, perhaps you stopped buying BP gas after the 2010… 655 more words

Action Steps

Resilience requires being our best selves more consistently

Everyone is better than you are… (at something). Which makes it imperative that you connect and ask for help. At the same time that we encounter this humbling idea, we also need to acknowledge that you are better at something than anyone you meet. 282 more words

Dennis Sparks


It is very typical that we got into a big, fat, slimy “shield” that cover our thought and clarity to follow through our plan. Some people call it resistance, some people call it blockage or maybe we just need to admit that we are surrender with laziness, I call it the… 732 more words


Squeezing the last minute out of a session

Seth Godin is the author of several books about “marketing, the spread of ideas and managing both customers and employees with respect”. They are bestsellers. … 259 more words

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Episode 22: 52 Non-Profits in 52 Weeks with Travis Miller and Luke Faulconer



Luke Faulconer is the founder of Troolu, an organization that is empowering young people to change the world.

Travis Wade Miller is on a journey across the country, traveling to 52 cities in 52 weeks, highlighting a non-profit in each city. 610 more words


trái nghĩa với "nhiều hơn"

Hôm nay Seth có đăng 1 bài post Opposite of “more” vỏn vẹn có 17 chữ (tính luôn tiêu đề), nhưng mà xuất sắc. Đây là bản dịch ngắn ngủn: Trái nghĩa với “nhiều hơn”, không phải là “ít hơn”. 434 more words

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MFA is the new MBA

I have always been obsessed with getting my MFA after my BFA. I earned my bfa at FIT in illustration it was completely pointless and the debt was not worth it but i had the best time lol. 267 more words

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