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12 Quotes From “Poke The Box”

Seth Godin really shakes up the status quo in his book Poke The Box. I loved it! You can read my full book review by… 619 more words


Today’s piece of advice is simple: Stay Consistent!
If you wait until you are motivated to get to work, you will be waiting forever. And you know this to be true… but it feels so much easier to remain lethargic, distracted, & bored. 91 more words


6 Business Books That Will Revolutionize Your Business and Change Your Life

I am passionate about any thing relating to entrepreneurship. Coming across this article written by Kimanzi Constable about 6 business books that can change your business and life got me excited and couldn’t wait few more seconds before reading further. 178 more words

Day #706:But do you want to get better?

It seems like a stupid question. Of course we want our organization, our work and our health to improve.

But often, we don’t.

Better means change and change means risk and risk means fear. 102 more words

Finding Your "Why": The A-Board Challenge

I saw an A-board, outside a cafe today, that spoke to me: it said “We care. Passionately. About you, and about our product. We know what business we’re in. 322 more words


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When you do work that matters, the crowd will call you a fool

If you do something remarkable, something new and something important, not everyone will understand it (at first). 41 more words

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Poke The Box (book review)

Seth Godin is skilled at asking the uncomfortable questions, at demolishing our excuses, at getting us to look at age-old things in a new light. In short, he’s really good at poking the box. 234 more words