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Let's Celebrate The Unbreakable Bond Between Brian And Stewie On 'Family Guy'

No two characters on Family Guy have a greater connection than Brian and Stewie. Several of the show’s best episodes have been the ones that either sent them on grand adventures or had them explore the depth of their friendship with each other. 701 more words


The PODfellas Podcast #023 (R18) » 'Mark Leggett'

R18 » Podcast contains strong language »

Right click and save as to download: PFP#023

This week me and my mate Shaun catch up with a awesome dude called… 110 more words


Movie Review: Ted 2

Unless you’ve been in a coma, have spent your life on a desert island or recently returned from orbiting outer space, you are already aware that a Seth MacFarlane movie like “Ted” and its sequel contains two or more of the following: 80’s references, race jokes, gay jokes, bathroom humor, sex jokes and slapstick.  564 more words

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This Week in Oscars: We Saw You, Boobs

When Ted was released three years ago yesterday, it made incredible money, earned praise, and cemented Seth Macfarlane as a Midas creator. Macfarlane would go on to host the Oscars the following year (you know, for the young people), bringing along Ted in a tux. 621 more words


Ted 2 (2015)

Well everybody, Ted and Johnny are back in action. We fast forward a few years from the first movie and now Ted (Seth MacFarlane) and John (Mark Wahlberg) are back with full swing. 570 more words

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Here’s my Cinema Knife Fight review of TED 2, which appeared at cinemaknifefight.com this past weekend.



Movie Review by Michael Arruda… 2,222 more words

If Seth MacFarlane Died, Would Family Guy Die?

It’s quite a deep question that has been puzzling me for a while and I think there is a valid argument for both. I thought today was a good day flash my words to the world and see if anyone has an opinion. 671 more words