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Ted 2 ***

“Ted 2″ doesn’t reach the comedic heights of the original flick but it is still pretty funny. I laughed loudly quite a few times. If you loved the first movie then you will probably enjoy this one as it is a pretty natural extension. 282 more words


Ted 2 Review

Lovable duo, Ted ( voiced by Seth MacFarlane) and John (Mark Wahlberg), are back in the long anticipated Ted 2, which was released in UK cinemas on the 8th July. 330 more words


Did These Controversial 'Family Guy' Episodes Cross The Line?

During its 13 seasons on the air, Family Guy has certainly ruffled its share of feathers. The show has no problem mocking every person and group under the sun, and that has naturally led to some controversy over the years. 521 more words


Family Guy: pushing the envelope to success

“Freakin Sweet”, the adult animated series “Family Guy” has been on T.V. since 1999… well, not to say it has not faced it’s fare share of bumps in the road: it was actually canceled twice,  first on August 1,  2000 after the season two finale, and a second time in 2002 with it’s third season ending on November 9, 2003. 932 more words

The bear necessities: A review of Ted 2

The first ‘Ted’ was fun. It had some good jokes and a run of the mill plot and it was perfectly fine. Ted 2 is far less good, in fact it’s offensive to pretty much everyone and it has little charm. 154 more words

Ted 2 Review

Ted 2

3 / 5

Ted 2, a mixture of the crude, the outrageous, the funny, gobsmacking and bad.

Ted 2 is the sequel to the hugely successful first Seth MacFarlane film which brought in over $500m and also an Oscar nomination for Best Song. 434 more words


Ted 2 Review


  • Alright, now I was a big fan of the first Ted movie and I never saw A Million Ways to Die in the West, so my hopes for Ted 2 were pretty good.
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