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Pathways World Creation

A friend asked:

I wonder how hard it would be to manufacture a character-first campaign. Like “Write up whatever kind of character you want to play, with whatever tropes or abilities or background you like.

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Setting Design

Straight-Up Premise Theft: Haven

The Elevator Pitch

Audrey Parker is an FBI special agent sent to a small Maine town after a fugitive, but the simple assignment is much less straightforward than it seemed. 575 more words

Setting Design

Player Tricks: Solving RPG Mysteries

A lot of RPGs, particularly your more skill-based, modern, and/or horror games, tend to feature frequent mysteries. The mystery might be a straight up “who/what killed this person and why?” or it might be something more abstract like “what is the villain’s plan and how do we stop it?” Basically, when the game moves beyond an up front info dump where your choices are strategic (how do we get into the encounter area and what do we use against the opponents there?), you’re often looking at a mystery. 3,542 more words

Setting Design

Straight-Up Premise Theft: Sense8

The Elevator Pitch

Eight unrelated individuals from around the world share a dream one night: a woman commits suicide to keep herself and her friends from a creepy old man and his conspiracy. 761 more words

Setting Design

Straight-Up Premise Theft: The Almighty Johnsons

So you know how video game designers who blog tend to have blogs that go dark suddenly and for extensive periods when their game is about to come out? 918 more words

Setting Design

Plot Challenge of the Week

So, I’m well into my reading for the semester already (and it hasn’t even started yet). I’ve already finished Peter Kreeft’s Summa of the Summa… 172 more words

Writing Challenge

Origins of the Gardaan. Part One...

It’s a Flashback Friday post! This was originally written in 2009 as one of my Facebook notes for my Lorthia campaign setting. I’m planning on making Gardos and the Gardaan into the first kingdom book for Lorthia. 728 more words