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Outcasts, Part 1: Alien Superheroes

I’m a big fan of the Supergirl TV show, and I’m particularly intrigued by the fact that its particular licensing limitation* implies a world where most of the superpowers are possessed by alien refugees. 962 more words

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Pathways Fantasy World Creation

This is kind of the opposite of my previous Pathways World Creation idea: rather than making characters first and the world to suit, this is an experiment in doing pathways creation without player characters involved. 908 more words

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Come Buy, Come Buy (Part 3)

Apparently, I had a lot more to say on this topic than I thought, and it’s taken me until the third post to get to the item list that was the core of why I started writing this series in the first place. 1,056 more words

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Come Buy, Come Buy (Part 2)

Last week, I talked about the overall themes and possibility space of market items, and this week I’ll delve more into mechanics.

The Economy of the Market… 1,245 more words

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Come Buy, Come Buy (Part 1)

My Beyond the Wall players, as mentioned in a prior post, finally decided they had enough of a handle on the campaign world to go into the… 1,087 more words

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Game Design: Thoughts on Species Design

What makes one species different from another? Oh, I should back up a bit; what makes one game species different from another game species? The answer, typically stat bonuses. 438 more words

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GM Tricks: Arbitrary Links as Imagination Seed

My Beyond the Wall game is a Westmarches-style hexcrawl, for the most part. The players are from a small village situated on the edge of a deadly wilderness, but the “settled” lands are also filled with adventure locations (largely safer ones for low-level characters not yet ready to venture into a forest of razor-sharp thorns). 628 more words