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GM Tricks: Arbitrary Links as Imagination Seed

My Beyond the Wall game is a Westmarches-style hexcrawl, for the most part. The players are from a small village situated on the edge of a deadly wilderness, but the “settled” lands are also filled with adventure locations (largely safer ones for low-level characters not yet ready to venture into a forest of razor-sharp thorns). 628 more words


Fantasy Timekeeping without the Sun

A while ago, a friend was talking about running an Underdark-style campaign in a world of his own creation, and was stuck on how people would tell time and handle scheduling/logistics without the sun. 708 more words

Setting Design

Mages of the Hedge

This is a writeup for Harbinger’s Blog Carnival. It’s how I’ve taken some of the implied setting from Beyond the Wall and further embellished it for my…

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Setting Design

Beyond the Wall: The Hedge

I got delayed on rules content by Father’s Day festivities, so this week some more setting background: this time from my Beyond the Wall campaign.

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Setting Design

The Old Gods and the New

It’s a bit of a busy Memorial Day weekend, so I hope you’ll enjoy some setting notes I put together for an upcoming Pathfinder game in lieu of a systems post I didn’t have the time to write this week.

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Setting Design

Immutable Time Travel

I read Homestuck for the first time around the same time I rewatched Terminator (1 and 2), and it got me thinking about using travel through immutable time as a game concept. 1,085 more words

Setting Design

Legacy Superheroes

Season 2 of Young Justice finally showed up on Netflix, and got me thinking about one of the things that DC has always done extremely well: worldbuilding through character inheritance. 1,041 more words

Setting Design