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New goal -to set goals.

It is yet again time to upgrade my grind. There are times when you know you must cut out another part of your life to gain momentum. 694 more words

Kickin' Goals

When I came up with the idea of #AroundIrelandOnAPushie, little did I know that I was, at the time, in DESPERATE NEED of an adventure. Ultimately, I wanted an adventure but “pushie,” if you really break it down was a goal. 684 more words


The importance of giving back

For me personally I have always been someone who instinctively ‘gives’, and this was apparent from such an early age. I have always been a kind of ‘Florence Nightingale’, character, helping anyone who crossed my path in life and needed some help; be it emotional, physical, mental, spiritual or financial. 256 more words


180217 Bend like the willow

180217 Bend like the willow

Being faithful to your exercise and health programs is an admirable trait. But what happens when it starts interfering with your life and more importantly to the lives of those who love you? 369 more words


I Want A Productive Friday / To-Do List!

It has been a long time since I have had a productive Friday.  Friday sort of turned into my “recovery / be super overwhelmed about tomorrow” day.   256 more words

My First 10K

Leading up to the event this weekend I was questioning my sanity.  I was thinking I wasn’t prepared, that I wouldn’t be able to finish, that I would be the last person to finish, basically I was talking myself out of it. 555 more words


The 7 Goal Bandits-Part II:Creating a Plan

BY BENITA THORNHILL, MA, LPCA, LCAS-R                            February 17, 2017

In Part I, we discussed the “7 Goal Bandits”. This week in Part II we will look at what’s going on and how to prevent these bandits from keeping you from meeting your goals. 826 more words