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When Things Aren't Going According To Your Plan

Life could be a roller coaster ride or be as slow as a snail. We plan so much on a daily basis but things turn out totally different from what we have planned. 506 more words


What’s your excuse?

It’s February!  Yes, it really is. January has passed and along with it go so many ‘best intentions’ and ‘new goals’ and ‘I really mean it this time’s; yes, the dreaded resolutions that are set, year after year, in some inane attempt to become someone else.   641 more words


Bonus plans

For most of my professional life, I’ve been part of my company’s bonus plan. And for most of my professional life, I’ve found it frustrating and confusing. 375 more words

Jon Friesch

Mixed Coffee, Mixed Media Art, I see a pattern here...

First off just let me tell you about my coffee this morning. Oh my gosh, it is so good!! I blended Buttery Caramel with Chocolate Macadamia Nut and it’s the perfect combo!! 383 more words

My Bohemian Life

When Measuring is Helpful

In my previous post I had shared how my life had been different in the past 12 months following a motor vehicle collision. Despite the drastic changes, the journey of healing has left me feeling surprisingly hopeful and positive. 478 more words

Living A New Reality

Investing in Your Health and Wellness

It does not matter what you are doing in life…you must have discipline! You must have discipline to go through college, when you are cleaning the house, to care for your children, to get up and change the direction you want to go in life… 498 more words

Complacency is Comfort Food

Experiencing complacency is like eating comfort food. You’ll keep eating and it’s comforting and enjoyable (in a lethargic kind of manner) but it’ll never satiate your lust. 596 more words

Writing Process