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Since last Thursday, I’ve written 7041 words. I should clarify that I include only coherent words in my word-count; that is, words that form a chapter or complete scene. 247 more words


Sad but True

It’s possible to be married yet still be a single parent.


Keeping Kids Accountable During Independent Reading - Part 2

My last post discussed a challenge  common problem in workshop classrooms – how to keep every child reading during independent reading time.  In this second post, I will look at another challenging aspect of reading time – keeping kids accountable for the thinking work. 757 more words


How To Find Your Passion When You Don’t Know What It Is

How To Find Your Passion When You Don’t Know What It Is

I heard a coworker of mine talking the other day about cooking. He was saying “I just don’t like it, so I don’t do it.” He then further explained: “some people like to make decks. 1,022 more words

How To Be Health(ier)

Our Family Goals

Having goals and plans for the future is important. Our family pride ourself on goals short or long, big or small. We believe you should always strive for the best in everything you do. 92 more words

Family Goals

Distractions from writing

Although this is my second annual DIY Writer’s Retreat, I wish I’d seen Kristen Pope’s advice, particularly this: “If you need to look something up for your draft, make a note and look it up later.” She refers to the Internet; I’ve found the same is true of physical sources. 295 more words