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I See You! Keep Your Goals Top of Mind

There is something you want. Or want to accomplish. You’ve decided that this is it. Maybe you are thinking of losing weight, going on vacation, earning or saving money, starting or increasing a discipline. 390 more words


Routines and Things

Hi all, I was thinking about routines today. I know, kind of an odd thought but I was. Who doesn’t want the perfect morning or night routine, right? 318 more words

The trips to the fork in the road

Quote of the post: “You were given this life because you are strong enough to live through it.” — Patch received from a GRT (GORUCK Tough) 1,723 more words

Goals And Accomplishments

Setting Goals and Marketing Plans

When starting a new business there’s a lot to be done and putting all the pieces in place can be a bit overwhelming. This is especially true when learning how to market your new enterprise. 1,525 more words

Q: I accepted an entry-level academic position with tuition assistance, but I'm miserable. Should I suck it up and stick it out, or should I try to find a position elsewhere?

Q: So I have a dilemma here. I accepted an entry-level position at an academic library earlier this year. I just graduated last year, and was very excited to get my foot in the door towards my dream career in librarianship. 704 more words

Getting Started

It starts with one.

One blog post. After 6 months of not posting.

One trail race. After running the race of my dreams.

One goat yoga class. After realizing my hip flexors were so tight I could play the opening chords of Stairway to Heaven on them. 564 more words

Well the Weather Outside was Frightful, but the Buffalo Veg Burger was Delightful- My Experience Running 40 Miles for my 40th Birthday

I couldn’t sleep at all, but that was kind of what I expected. So I headed out early, before the sun came up, to start my journey. 1,101 more words