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How to be a millionaire?

When to cash in on the premise of „YOLO“? When is the right time to act as if it is your prerogative to experience all that is chaotic and dangerous, because you will not get another chance to do so? 544 more words


Do You Need a Business Coach?


So, you see them all around the internet. Marketing, Business and Brand Coaches. What exactly is their purpose and do you need one?

First of all coaches are great, if you have the right fit.   291 more words

Chick Tips

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.

–Tony Robbins

Summertime Beach Bodies Part 3

Wait, did I say the goal was to lose 10 pounds? What was I thinking?

Actually, things are going well on the fitness front. I feel like I’m increasing my strength and muscle mass, which must be, definitely be, the reason why I’m not losing weight at a high rate. 406 more words


My first jog (week 7)

week 6 down! Pow POW!

On Saturday I completed my 7th parkrun in which I took a big step (well for me any way) and started to do a slow jog whenever my body felt like it wanted to. 255 more words


Tuesday Tip Week 2: Figure Out Which Business Goals Play Nicely Together

During the weekend of my wedding, I remember asking my best man to look in my planner for a piece of gum (…don’t ask). As he opened the front binder cover, he literally LOLed when he saw one of my papers (…actually, it looked like more like a packet) entitled: 495 more words


WI Results - Damage Limitation Week 1

Weight loss:   1.5lb

Current weight:    13st 3.5lb

Weight loss since start:   1.5lb

Lbs to go to reach next target:   4lb


What’s gone well?

I’m really pleased with my weight loss this week.  406 more words

Weight Watchers