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Brand New Woman

Everybody could use less stress, so I’ve formulated a plan. Yes, I’m gonna get the stress outta my life. I’m gonna be a brand new woman in 12 easy steps: 648 more words


What Living Simply Means to Me

As you might have read on a previous post, I’ve decided I want to declutter and live more simply. However, this is something that I’m already struggling with, as I own a lot of things. 454 more words


Dealing with the Budgetary Crisis

No, not Congress. La crisis presupuestaria de la Casa de Tontería. To non-Spanish speakers: Need mo’ money in da House o’ Nonsense, eh? (I added the last word so Canadian and Yooper readers would understand.) 446 more words

Achieving Success Today.......

Remember you will not always win. Some days, the most resourceful individual will taste defeat. But there is, in this case, always tomorrow – after you have done your best to achieve success today.


Olympic Envy

I am obsessed. With the Olympics that is. Our family has been cheering on our US athletes in Brazil in many sports as they earn a medal, my quiet heart dropping when they don’t earn a trip to the podium. 286 more words

My Life

Goals to Reality

Math is what I knew right off was what I would have trouble with. No matter how hard I studied there were things I still could not grasp and so I went into each test with the wrong idea. 336 more words

Better Health Write Away

When was the last time you wrote a journal entry? Was it in the diary you had when you were 15? I have been keeping a diary/journal since my parents gave me my first one as a Christmas gift when I was in 3rd grade. 533 more words

Getting Started