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Showing off in the 'summer'

On Saturday August 26th, all being well, I’ll be in one of the big tents at this agricultural show in the gorgeous show field behind Broughton village. 521 more words

The Cabin

By Jameslyn Labordo

The cabin I feel the warmth breeze , the salty wind that touches my skin, the rough but white surface I am standing in, the cold water on my feet, the sound of the waves and the birds chirping happily. 91 more words


Setting in Stone 2: Contemporary Worlds

When you think of worldbuilding, you think of sci-fi, fantasy, and dystopia; what are known as ‘genre’ books. (though that definition is less useful in YA). 845 more words


The Visit

By Gretchen Tampos

It was 19th of the month of August. A woman, along with her little boy walked on a wide pavement, having a little chat, and smiles on their  faces. 218 more words


Work In Progress: Castles

Work In Progress: Castles

A beta reader pointed out something interesting and valuable in terms of setting. While it is no mystery or secret, layouts are an essential tool in the art of painting a picture for readers. 257 more words

Creative Writing

Planning, Creating and Implementing the World...

To all the people who write fiction, even non-fiction; the struggle is real. It is hard to be true to what society believes is the truth about the world and about people in it. 493 more words


The Changing Times

I avoid writing contemporary because it’s too easy to get some detail wrong and have it take people out of the story. When I write about the past, it’s an alternative Steampunk world where I can make up whatever details I want. 440 more words