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The Reformation of - and Opposition to - Education in the Victorian Era: A Steampunk Perspective

The Opposition to the Free Library in Birmingham was composed of very ill-assorted elements; it consisted of the “economists” who oppose any increase of rates for any object; of the publicans,who foresaw they were not likely to gain by the opening of free libraries; of the extreme Nonconformists, who objected to all rates for such purposes; and of the Clergy, who raised the “religious difficulty” as to books for the people.  

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The Minimalist Character Description: DESCRIBE LESS, PLEASE

Occasionally, on Twitter or on one online forum or another, I’ll see writers discussing character descriptions. As a reader, I read plenty of them, too. 1,264 more words


The Cauldron

The Axe Once Ground Tavern, on the road east of Namindain, twenty-sixth of First Flowering.

It was with no little trepidation that I set out on this latest venture in my investigation of locales of magical and spiritual significance, for this one has something of a black reputation in the lore of half a dozen lands.   992 more words

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The Hyrosian Baths

The city of Namindain, twenty-fourth of First Flowering.  

It is my general practice to despise great cities, but sometimes curiosity wins out over aversion; even the press of the grubby multitudes could not persuade me to pass over the opportunity of examining the famous Hyrosian baths.   489 more words

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Chapter 31: A World of Changes In Ninety-Five Years

Morris Roscoe Nanney loved Montford Cove. In 1965 he wrote this description of his birthplace. I included it out of chronological order because he was writing about his grandmother Miz Polly Stott and his father, Moses Frank Nanney, who lived during the 19th century. 1,144 more words

Nanney Saga

Pigs in the Star Room

The kindergarteners had an extra art class this week because most of the school is away on the snow trip, or in Costa Rica. In this lesson they were guided in drawing a pig. 72 more words

Today's ConNooga Panel Schedule: 03/01/15

Here is today’s ConNooga panel schedule. If I’m not on panels, I will be at the Dark Oak Press and Media table, so please drop by and say hi! 15 more words