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Setting The Mood For Assassins Creed: Origins

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Raphael Lacoste, senior art director at Ubisoft, needed to set the scene for the series’ shift to Egypt for Origins when development began a few years back. 119 more words


The World of Faehunter: The Court of Air and Darkness

The mysteries of the night belong to the Court of Air and Darkness, fae (faeries) who live for ruthless political intrigue, secrets, and lies.

Their Court lands are the Cradlelands and their main seat of power is in the city of Twinefold. 347 more words


How to set up your Google Home Mini

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With the Google Home Mini already shipping and being delivered, we figured now would be a good time to walk you through how to set up and get started with your new smart speaker. 301 more words


Goal Setting

Have you got a motive? Do you know where you’re going? Have you set a goal?

We all use goal setting, most the time subconsciously. We all set a target in our minds each day, from getting to an appointment on time or making sure you have done the washing and put all the dishes away before your favourite show comes on the tv, but do we ever sit, think and write down what we want to achieve over a longer period of time. 432 more words

Place and Setting. A writing perspective.

Yet another of my long-overdue university out-takes. Following is an answer to a question about establishing place and setting for stories, that I wrote several months ago for one of my writing subjects. 508 more words


PrinceofNothingReviews: Ragnarok (d20 3pp); Raise your Horns

It is the end of the week, a big review is coming up, but before that happens, let’s take a break from settings set around rpgs based on the idea of ceaseless struggle against an inevitable doom set in a fantasy setting to review Ragnarok, an Avalanche supplement for D20 set in the pseudo-historical Age of the Viking that is centred around the idea of ceaseless struggle against an inevitable doom. 2,936 more words

I finally did it...

Well, ladies and gentlemen… it finally happened.

After many years of coming up with various different ideas, writing outlines, drawing sketches for inspiration, only to reject those ideas and start all over again, and despite university work, conferences, a massive backlog of video games to play and books to read, and endless amounts of procrastination… 798 more words

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