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Sisters of Mercy

As I mentioned before here, I will be sharing my notes on the world building of the Tempest Blades setting. I will start by the organization that molded one of my three Main Characters, Gaby… 989 more words

Tempest Blades

Story Telling

Over the last few weeks at group time we have been practising our story telling and we get better every time. We tell stories and the adults write down exactly what we say. 649 more words

Children's Interests

Real Places, Fantastical Worlds by E R Murray

When I started writing The Book of Learning (Nine Lives Trilogy 1), I was new to Dublin and infatuated with exploring this beautiful, friendly city. 425 more words


The Importance of Being Earnest (continued)

If I were directing a new production of The Importance of Being Earnest, I would set the play in the 21st century. The location would be USA, perhaps an uptown area such as New York, which many people may be more familiar with thanks to Hollywood. 175 more words

Lessons to Practice #7: The Essence of Setting

Tonight I have setting on my mind. Not just its importance or its definition, but its essence. What makes a setting? Is it a specific physical location? 684 more words


Horrors of the Age of Dusk: The Grey Maidens

(Feeling productive/Anti-productive so double post today guys)

Banished to the deepest labyrinths and darkest chasms abandoned since time immemorial, the Grey Maidens were said to be the concubines of the Harrow King Ashardath. 467 more words