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Tip: Developing Setting

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Setting is an important quality in writing. It’s the background of the story. Without it, the characters would just stand against a white canvas or a greenscreen. 586 more words

Revealing your background

They followed him, just a short distance behind, the monk continually glancing back at them over his shoulder.

The monastery buildings were now dark shapes against the setting sky. 437 more words

4. Write

Letters of Debt

How can you make up to a life lost? Who should be able to collect the debt of a martyr? Can you carry whats due to your next incarnation? 238 more words


Planning and other things

The first draft of the outline for the new book is pretty much complete.  Now for the fun stuff — names, maps, culture and other world-building.  66 more words



Doing Free Recharge is very trending now days. Mostly Android Apps track your Android Device ID to provide recharges & offers for limited time for a specific Android mobile. 265 more words

Astrological Coordinates - The easy way to find someone on the Loom of Fate

In Database Design theory, there is a concept called “Primary Key” – each record in a table has an identifier (field or a combination of fields) unique to only that record. 507 more words

The Passing of the Torch -How a new Sidereal is chosen and trained

Barring unforeseen circumstances, a Sidereal is always given advanced warning of their death. While Sidereals can live to see five millennia, they do not always. The Maidens sometimes must cut the thread of one of their chosen early for the good of Creation. 282 more words