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Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde

Published years before there were 50 of them, Shades of Grey is about as far from erotica as you can get. Author Jasper Fforde is perhaps better known for his… 203 more words


Plot Challenge of the Week

Well, I’ve finished with sin. I’m done with it. … … …Or at least my initial deep research into what Aquinas said about it anyway. I’ve no doubt that I’m going to go on sinning. 95 more words

Writing Challenge

The importance of Setting

Setting is crucial to a story and if your story is in the wrong setting it won’t seem to work out as well.

In Topaas, the setting is similar to the countryside of Scotland: 133 more words


Trimming your Description: How to get your Word Count Down without Cutting the Plot

A surprisingly large amount of new authors overshoot their word count and end up fretting and panicking over the idea of having to remove a character or a side plot to whittle their monster manuscript down to a reasonable size. 690 more words

Creative Writing Tips

Lemon Pie, Anyone?

Isn’t it amazing  when you get an idea and a plan, you can almost certainly count on a detour up ahead?

*Enter Hurricane force winds to wreck your best laid plans* 610 more words

Ellie Mack

Thinking about dragons

I was feeling non-writer creative today, and made this. I like it so I decided to post it. I took the picture last year sometime while out on a trip with friends. 108 more words

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