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The Neptunium Age - Adelia White

I pick myself up from the moist soil of the pine forest. The sunlight shines down on my face like a gentle kiss of warmth. I wish I was out here alone, standing in this clearing with my white lion, Atlas, letting him have a mammoth steak while I grow some berries. 952 more words


Setting - So Much More Than What You See

Do me a favor, okay?

Close your eyes and picture this.

There’s this kid you knew when you were younger. He was nice to you. He had lunch with you at times in high school. 464 more words


"Dark water" by Sara Bailey (official blog tour)

Off the northernmost coast of Scotland lie the Orkney Islands.  It is here that Helena Chambers returns to visit her aging father who is awaiting heart surgery.   704 more words

Book Reviews

' 13 Ways of Looking at a Fat Girl' by Mona Awad

Fiction – Kindle edition; Penguin; 214 pages; 2016.

Earlier this year I read an extraordinary collection of essays called Small Acts of Disappearance by Australian writer Fiona Wright about her battle with an eating disorder. 1,010 more words



Yoel 2:2: “like the light of dawn (shachar) spread upon the mountains”, also known as alpenglow.

Tehillim 139:9-10: David HaMelech says: even if I would fly on the wings of the dawn and settle all the way across the ocean, You (HaShem) would still be holding me. 134 more words

Tempo ao Tempo

  • What are the people doing?
  • Why aren’t the numbers on the clock?
  • Where did it come from?
  • What is the meaning behind this picture?
  • What is time?
  • 112 more words

Sensing the Right Setting (Part 1)

At ACFW, I attended a class led by Cara Putnam and Deborah Raney called “Write Like a Pro”. This class covered a lot of topics, but one in particular captured me–setting. 216 more words