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Older then Gods: The Morr

In the time before the many puerile endaevours of man scarred it and left it broken, the world was new and hale. Unblemished by the vulgar excretions of life and aglow with the lingering heat of creation, it stretched outward in all directions in sterile magnificence. 941 more words

After a long forgotten experiment a man wakes from cryogenic sleep to find all other life on Earth has died a millennia ago. Unable to cope with this extreme lonliness he commits sucidie only to discover that heaven and hell have been closed.


6 Things Reeders Cach in You're Writing...


So, writing¬†the second draft of my book, titled Imprint currently, is making me realize all the little things that make a book a… 509 more words

Wireless Home Network Setup

Setting Up a Wireless Home Network How to Set Up a Home Network How to setup a wireless network How to Build a Wireless Home Network – Introduction to Wireless Computer Networking Setup and Secure a Wireless Network (WiFi) How to Create a Wireless Network in Your Home (In-Depth) Home Network Tour | Cat6, Wireless […]

Spirits of the World - A race, a monster, or something else?

It is with a whisper that we mentions the spirits.

A spirit isn’t some monster like most think, but they too were once men and changed. 329 more words