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"Crime Research: Behind the Facade" (by Howard Halstead)

Howard Halstead’s outstanding fiction debut, “Limelight,” was published in our Department of First Stories in January 2014. His second story for us, “A Dark Symmetry,” is featured in July 2015— 2,031 more words

Cosmology: The Coasts

The sea stretches out for miles, but eventually becomes a misty, massive haze that one sails through rather than on. Not so the closer one gets to the islands of shape. 403 more words


Creative Writing Assignment-Memoir: Setting

Small cramped room, with a solitary window clouded over with plastic to keep the heat in. Four walls painted a light sea foam blue, yes sea foam blue not green. 601 more words


Blind Date

With an outstretched arm he reached across the table and sunk his fork into her final bite, nearly burning his sleeve on the tacky orange candle burning between the two. 358 more words


What inspires your writing?

I’ve been thinking about this question as I begin my fourth novel.

Usually when folks ask me this question, I tell them nature. In many ways, the biology, geology, geography and weather of a place is like another main character, such as the pecan farms and salty bayside breezes of southwest Alabama in… 501 more words


April Favorites 2015

It’s been awhile since I have done a monthly favorite blog. Although I did have one set up while I was on vacation, I never got around to actually writing it all the way through and posting it. 912 more words


The tree

The air is foggy every day. It’s cold, damp, and dark. The ground is a mucky slosh some parts being water and some muck. The smell was horrible, it smelled like someone else had died and they never retrieved the body. 273 more words