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Vessels: Surveying the Hellspawn

Beginning as a two-deck sloop of 100 feet by 20 feet, the ship known now as the Hellspawn was the property of unknown seafarers before being captured and brought into the sea-folk city of Ouroboros. 576 more words

Grand City

American Gods by Neil Gaiman

After living in the U.S. with his American wife for 9 years, British fantasy writer Neil Gaiman found himself wanting to write about, as he put it: “this strange, huge place where I now found myself living that I knew I didn’t understand.” He only had a vague idea of the story he wanted to write when he pitched it to his agent, who replied with a concept book cover. 321 more words


East meets West

I’ve put off talking about D&D long enough. At the reigns of two campaigns at different stages and an entire homebrew handbook, it’s hard not to. 579 more words


Setter's Rules - Match

Over the years, I have had the pleasure to work with many world class players including a number of setters of the highest level.  But for the mental, personal and team aspects of setting the best I have ever worked with remains to this day one with whom I played: Mark Tutton (bottom row, far right #5).  317 more words


What is it Good For? - Cultures

Sorry for the extended break there, real life was becoming a more pressing issue and things began to fall through the cracks. Regardless, ToL is back and with a new series that writers and learners might both enjoy. 698 more words

Writing Tips

the art of setting the table

Saveur asked artists, designers, and makers about their entertaining philosophy

When entertaining, how you set the table is your first impression—it sets the tone of the meal and confesses the evening’s character to your guests. 161 more words