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Liverpool, United fined by UEFA over fans' misconduct

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REUTERS: Liverpool and Manchester United have been fined by UEFA over a variety of charges, including illicit chanting, during their Europa League last-16 tie. 175 more words

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The Fullmetal Alchemist Live-Action Movie Has an All Japanese Cast

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In Japan, popular manga and anime series Fullmetal Alchemist is getting a feature film. It’s slated for a winter 2017 release. The… 204 more words


Case study about pupil grouping and differentiation (KEC history trainee)

Pupil grouping and differentiation

I undertook an investigation into the attitudes of selective school teachers to setting in selective and non-selective schools. I asked teachers about the basis on which setting decisions should be made – be it current performance in a subject or predicted GCSE grade – the potential effect of setting on pupil progress and attainment, and the potential effect of setting on the emotional and social well-being of pupils. 496 more words

Case study about pupil grouping and differentiation (Rowena Bennett) (KEC dance trainee)

In Sweden ability grouping is illegal and the American education system also avoids categorising pupils (Boaler, 2005). However in the United Kingdom, it is widely recognised that there is great variation in grouping dependent on school policies, teachers and subjects (Kutnick et al., 2005). 586 more words

Case study about pupil grouping and differentiation (Hannah Cocksworth) (KEC RE trainee)

Introduction and literature

Defining ‘ability’ is not straightforward (Wiliam and Bartholomew, 2004; Marks, 2013). Wallace (2009, p.1) defines ability as ‘the sense of “potential for performance”.’ Ability is most closely linked with ‘potential’ as opposed to ‘achievement’ or ‘attainment’ and ‘refers rather to what a student is capable of, than to what they have proved themselves able to do’ (Wallace, 2009, p.1; DfES, 2006a). 533 more words

Case study about pupil grouping and differentiation (Lucy Wade) (KEC MFL trainee)


The main types of pupil grouping in UK schools are setting, streaming, mixed-ability grouping and within-class ability grouping. Overall, the literature has found that the way in which pupils are grouped has no real effect on academic attainment, with some evidence of a negative effect on lower ability pupils and some evidence of within-class ability grouping having a positive impact. 463 more words

Case study about pupil grouping and differentiation (Anushka Puri) (KEC mathematics trainee)

My assignment focused on pupil grouping and differentiation, specifically in mathematics at school A, a selective girls’ school in the West Midlands. The assignment started with a review of the literature on pupil grouping, I then discussed how school A groups pupils, and researched the opinions of teachers and pupils at school A towards pupil grouping. 489 more words