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8,000-year-old heads on spikes found in Swedish lake

(Source: arstechnica.com)


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    In east-central Sweden, workers demolishing a railway that crossed the Motala Ström River discovered something bizarre. For roughly 7,500 years, a shallow, swampy lake in the area had hidden a pile of stones that contained the skeletal remains of at least 10 people and weapons made of stone and antler. 798 more words


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    GM Advice: Settlements

    Today I’m going to talk to you GMs about Settlements.

    The setting is a crucial part of any D&D campaign. What good are all your plot threads and monsters and stuff if you don’t have a place for things to happen? 1,272 more words


    There goes the ultimate deal

    Feb 20,2018 – JORDAN TIMES –

    By Hasan Abu Nimah

    For US President Donald Trump to say that the Palestinians “are not looking to make peace” is not unusual. 828 more words


    Study: At least 78% of aid intended for the Palestinians ends up in Israeli coffers

    Author:  Jonathan Cook. March 8, 2016 (well, nothing has changed much since then)…

    Diplomats may have a reputation for greyness, obfuscation, even hypocrisy, but few have found themselves compared to a serial killer, let alone one who devours human flesh. 623 more words