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15 Weeks Into “What Now?”

Becoming a mom has been one of the hardest things that I’ve ever done. I’ve been told, “It would be SO much easier if you had your own kids. 526 more words

New Experiences

The one who got away...

“When we’re married, I’m gonna be home really late some days,” he said, “and I won’t always be able to call ahead to let you know.” 881 more words

Gender Roles

A Frustrated Millenial lays it out

Textbooks are getting thicker, housing prices are soaring, and competition in education, employment and even dating is getting worse. Basically the privileges and opportunities of the ‘simpler life’ my parents enjoyed are diminishing. 222 more words


Young People & Avoiding Responsibility: A Trend In The West

Nowadays, what I find really odd is the attitude of young people in the West avoiding responsibilities in settling down, whether through marriage or having a family or both. 1,006 more words


Wasting Our Youth?

“You’re going to waste your youth.”

“You’re only young once.”

“You’re too young to settle down.”

Who else is tired of hearing phrases like these when you mention wanting to start a family? 829 more words

Getting stronger

When I first left home for hostel at the age of seventeen, it was very difficult. I wanted to run away back home. I would cry when my father would go back after meeting me. 322 more words

Feelings From The Heart


Affordable Housing, City Living & Settling Down

“If you look at how long it takes for a person to save up to buy a house-that’s sort of the hot indicator now-San Francisco, you know, the Bay Area, we’re looking at 27 to 30 years. 1,291 more words

Affordable Housing