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How come a nice guy like you
Hasn’t been snapped up by some girl.
How come you haven’t settled down
On the edge of town, 168 more words


I May Be Settling Down, But That Doesn’t Mean I’m Settling

I have found that when you settle down with someone, especially when you’re younger, people will have a lot of opinions about it.

They will also have a lot of questions about it. 481 more words

9 Items to Improve Life a Little

This post is about a few of the items in my life that I really appreciate. It’s the stuff that I find myself using quite regularly or that I need to turn to in cases of sickness or emergency. 1,448 more words


On Settling Down (and not being boring).

So it’s summer, and that means I have some time “off of work” (even though we teachers still do plenty of reading and planning throughout our “off” time). 521 more words

A Life's Design

Wanderlust to homestead-or-bust: where did these roots come from?

How does one go from being a non-tied-down travel lover to a homeowner, homemaker, and homesteader?

For me, it had something to do with a two-year Peace Corps placement and falling in love in (and with) that country. 439 more words


Be With Someone Who Makes Life Worth Living

Be with someone who tries to make you smile after a long day. Someone who can’t stand seeing you in pain. Someone who lifts you up every time life disappoints you. 531 more words


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My son, Leo’s favourite toy of all time was Buzz Lightyear, the action figure who emerged from the 1995 block buster movie Toy Story.   774 more words