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How to Get THE Girl (or Guy)

A simple 4-step guide to get the person you’d ideally want to be with — a guide meant to get you quality rather than quantity. 214 more words

8 Crucial Steps To Prepare Yourself For Extraordinary Love

When I was 18, I thought I had met the man I was going to marry.

By the time I was 22, I was ready to move on and see what else the world had to offer me. 886 more words

Trying Something New ?? (age 38) 💋

When we first moved to our sweet little tidal town in Nova Scotia, it was before itunes and netflix.  For entertainment, we would go downtown to rent videos and DVDs from a little place called L&S Video.   597 more words


This Is Why Our Generation Doesn’t Believe In Settling Down.

We look at the white picket fence homes that we are supposed to settle down into and only see limitations.

We are a crazy generation. 528 more words


Thinking of Home

Home: an evolving concept sliding this way and that as you move this way and that.
When you were young, it might have been that place where your parents/grandparents/relatives lived. 420 more words

Exiting the Arctic ☃️

On boxing day of 1996 we packed up our tiny little three cylinder Chevrolet Sprint hatchback aptly named Puny, put our two big northern dogs in the backseat (Delta and Grizzly), and started our 7000 km, eight day trip south west to Toronto.   1,104 more words


Crazy Train 🚂 (part 2)

Things rapidly deteriorated from that point.  Luckily our week was almost up.  Mark and his wife began furtive preparations for home while Amy watched over me. 1,209 more words