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All Our Worldly Goods

Let me start by saying that it is not our fault – at least not entirely. Whether by nature or nurture, or most likely a combination of both, the Handsome Dutchman and I both like stuff, particularly beautifully designed stuff, and once we have something, we like to hold on to it. 1,048 more words

Settling In

Settling in

Hi! It’s been a while! You can blame Talk Talk for that…

It’s been 3 weeks today since we moved into our little home. Settling in well and getting used to the house and it’s little quirks. 272 more words

Inside Number 40

Citizen of The World

Theresa May infamously claimed that those believing themselves to be citizens of the world are citizens of nowhere. What she says and does anyway counts for little in the Castaway-Handsome Dutchman household given she is determined to destroy many of our rights as European citizens, among other travesties. 903 more words

Settling In

My New Room / Time for a Nap

My New Room
Lisa Stickley
Pavilion Books
Edith, the young girl narrator shares with readers the process of moving into a new room and making it her own. 361 more words

Picture Books

The one about the mouse...

We have a mouse.

Actually, to be honest, we have had at least 4 mice.  2 were caught in non-kill traps and released into the forest to either live happy little mousey lives, or become part of the food chain.   263 more words

Life In The Netherlands

Settling in: #3. Decisions galore

Yes, there’s choice paralysis in Australia too. But there is a new stress to making choices in a new country. As you settle-in in a new country you’re constantly having to make all these decisions about how you’ll live; not only where you’ll live, but how you’ll set up your house. 352 more words


"You've gotta get up and try try try."

It was over in a blur and then the loneliness set in. We’d flown, we’d slept, we’d eaten, we’d cried and then he was gone. I was alone in a place I didn’t want to be, fuelled only by fear, panic, uncertainty and an unshakeable longing to go home. 464 more words