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Settling In

It’s been one week since Lee and I moved into our new apartment in good ol Bushwick. This past week we’ve been buying all the basic household necessities, but I really won’t start decorating until after I start my new job and when Jeanette moves in in two weeks. 420 more words


Day 97: Over half way

I’ve been in Australia for fourteen weeks now, and I’ve got twelve weeks left until I head home, so i’m well over half way.

The thing is, because i’m heading to various countries in Asia at the end of the semester, I only have six weeks left in Australia (five now and one at the end, as I come back to Sydney for my flight to Manchester). 46 more words


The First Week

Hey Everyone!

How goes it?

Hopefully, you’re all well. I’m doing alright…good, even in most moments. I’ve officially been in my new home in Tampa for a week today! 591 more words

Week 1 (March 5th t0 11th): Sick, sick, sick and tired of being sick

March 9th and 10th- Fred gave me his cold-so i’ve been out cold, so to speak.

I am finally writting here in the Philippines-my bad cold sort of slowed me down.   286 more words

The Annual Summertime Shower Day Kickoff

In the woods, a working shower is king. It’s like having a four burner stove and an oven. People stop and congratulate you when they hear of your good fortune. 3,777 more words


Finding my feet in Madrid

After two years, I took the leap contemplated by many to leave my London life – its cool cafes, pretty parks, splendid shows and exhibitions; the packed commuter trains to work, all too infrequent catch up drinks with friends and a lovely flat where there was too little time to rest. 1,372 more words


Shaken, not stirred

I got to experience my first (and second) earthquake this week! By experience I mostly mean “laid in bed sleepy and confused”, but it was still an interesting event to have felt. 283 more words