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3 weeks in!

Hi from us.. and of course Hector!

This is the first picture i ever took of him! He has grown SO SO much!

We are three weeks in to being puppy owners now, it is becoming more normal but we are still learning so much about living together each day that passes, he is becoming the most lovable, naughty and heart stealing pup, we are totally in love with him! 481 more words

Rainy Streets

We have been settling into the hotel now for a little over a week.  It’s been cramped quarters, especially while we didn’t have a car.  However, Germany is absolutely breath taking and quaint enough where walking is turning into my favorite way of getting about the area.  270 more words

Feeling down: the 6th Week Blip

Six weeks in to my volunteering placement in Rwanda I felt down. I had hit what psychologists call the ‘6th week blip’. The theory goes something like this: after 6 weeks of being in a new cultural environment you hit a wall. 1,029 more words


The Bears Talk Adoption

In November of last year I asked Big Bear if he would mind writing his thoughts on adoption down for me. He knew about my blog and was very excited about the idea of his words being published on the web. 1,428 more words


Autumn Winds Blowing Outside My Window

Hej hej!

I’ve now been in Sweden for almost 11 weeks now and this is the first weekend I’ve had no plans to be able to sit down and write a blog post. 2,206 more words

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NCCU I-House

I-House is a housing center that caters to international students and visiting scholars. It is located in a very convenient area near NCCU. There is a total of 65 single suites, 30 double suites, conference facilities, and a café on the ground floor. 592 more words

Settling In

National Health Insurance (NHI)

Taiwan’s National Health Insurance (NHI) program makes medical care accessible and affordable for everyone — even international students! If you’re a foreign student staying for 6 months or longer, you will be required to join the NHI program after 6 months of continuous residence in Taiwan. 201 more words

Settling In