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Arriving in Istanbul

My father left me by the security check-in. Just previously, sat at a Café Nero with a waitress harbouring a serious superiority complex, I’d begun to sob in my hands. 942 more words


In the garden

While living in Sweden, all I had to offer plants was a balcony and windowsills, not the best environment for growing. Something that I was looking forward to when we returned to Australia was the ground that would be free for me to use for whatever greenery I wanted. 408 more words


How do you like yours?

You’d have thought that moving to a completely different country and establishing the Canadian way of life would be difficult, but I’ve got to say in the overall scheme of things, that small accomplishment has been relatively simple compared to having to navigate ourselves through the use of incorrect terms for various items of produce.   649 more words


Work Update

I haven’t really told you guys much about my new work! I work in Manipal university now, I get to sit in an amazing building! I get lunch from home in this really cute tiffin carrier, I get to meet AB everyday and I get to go back home everyday after work, have dinner with my mom and go to sleep on my bed in my room. 207 more words

Work Updates


Matt’s bit…

Sorry I haven’t “blogged” in a couple of weeks but I’m not just gonna post stuff for the sake of it (there’s already enough of that on the internet!). 423 more words


i may be back

I’ve been meaning to write.  Really, I have.  Often, I’ve even started writing in my head–only to change my mind when in front of the keyboard.   494 more words


"the wind that rustles this tree rustles us too"

I can’t believe that Matt and I left Minnesota 3 weeks ago already. Part of me feels like we’ve been here for months. Life has been quite interesting from getting Peanut and Doug to Scotland, to not being able to find a flat quickly, to not knowing whether or not we would be able to stay in the flat because of the cats, to commuting into school via the bus… the list can go on. 237 more words

Settling In