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Settling in- kind of...

I’ve been living in a hotel ever since I arrived in Kandy about a week and a half ago. The hotel is incredibly posh- perhaps I should do a review of it? 476 more words

Relocating without blues

Just met with a friend of mine over the weekend and she was in process of relocating to Singapore. After being in India her entire life she was very anxious and hassled thinking about shifting her base from a country she has grown in to some strange city. 491 more words

Glastonbury: The First Three Weeks! Anti-Cling!


For thirty-five years, I was a woman who would cling to the safe, the familiar, and have always been one prone to emotional clinginess… 346 more words

Daily Prompt

A New Year

Sorry for no updates. I’ve been trying to get into a routine here and there’s not much excitement in that.

I got to spend Christmas Eve day with the Hawkinsons and another friend and then that evening I went to another families house and we played games till 10.Christmas Day came and went. 203 more words

Settling In

Settling in

I’m pretty sure this has been the longest move in the history of moving! Sorry for the lack of blog posts, we only just got broadband installed yesterday and we’ve been mad busy. 193 more words


Finding therapeutic Durham and getting lost

It’s been two months since my arrival in Durham – how time flies – and of course, life has proven itself to be vastly different. Durham, for one, is really a pretty place; very much in contrast to the urban cityscape I come from. 554 more words

Durham University

Here comes the sun: Stepping on the ground of Durham!

After 18 hours trip flying from the edge of Asia to the other side of Eurasia, I finally landed at Newcastle International Airport. The dim lights I saw from the coach reminded me how far I came from Tokyo, the megalopolis which never sleeps. 459 more words

Overseas Exchange