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The First One

1st May 2016; In my bedroom, writing instead of finishing some work.

I have tried many times over the years to successfully maintain a blog; write weekly posts (hah!), make a perfect username and tagline combination (never managed that one), and enthrall any readers I may have with the trials and tribulations of my life. 819 more words

Comfort Zones

Day 67: Lest We Forget

Yesterday was Anzac day (I know, I’m a day behind), and I went to a sporting match. I know, it’s crazy if you know me. I watched the Roosters play the Dragons at Allianz stadium (National Rugby League, for my British friends). 70 more words



rescue glen frey the cat not the rockstar

is beginning to get comfortable.

he still eats like a mafioso

facing the door

 always on his guard… 132 more words


Day 65: Five is the new Ten

Last night me and my friend Mariclare went out, but at 5pm. We were joking about how Sydneysiders must have to start their nights ridiculously early because of the lock-out laws (google them- I don’t have enough words to explain!) 62 more words


Day 62: Taking the library home

You know how sometimes the exact same film has different names in different countries, like how “Green Street” is called “Hooligans” elsewhere in the the world, well this blog’s alternate title is just ‘Read, Read, Read.” 65 more words


The Move Within a Move

Earlier this month I went back to Canada for a week. The main purpose of my visit was to assist with a move – and not my own! 387 more words


When is Trash Day?

It took me a while after I first arrived here to realize that Trash Day doesn’t exist here. There isn’t one night a week that you’ll run into your neighbors as you line up your cans or watch them in the morning cursing their forgetfulness as they hurriedly place them in a row. 1,804 more words