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Settling In

This is it– the first post in my newest vanity project. Let’s see if we can keep this up.

I’m currently working on making this blog look a little less ugly, so it may be a few days before I’ve written my first real post. 28 more words

First Post


One year ago today, an Irishman on the doorstep of 40, moved from Amsterdam to Paris, to rue du moulin vert, street of the green windmill. 29 more words


What's in this grab bag that I call my mind?

Once upon a time, I lived in the Catskill Mountains, in a little city (town) called Oneonta.

No matter where I was and no matter what I was doing, all I had to do was look out the window to know just where I was. 548 more words

General Stuff

Getting Back On Track

It has been a crazy couple of months with finding and moving in to our home (for the next few years) and exploring our new town. 465 more words


Sharing solitude

slowly settling in

growing in our solitude

which is a shared space

© Lize Bard @ https://wandererhaiku.wordpress.com/

African Haiku

No-Knead Bread and Settling In

One of the first things I like to do once I move into a new place is make bread. This simple act makes me feel as if I am getting settled. 667 more words

Basement Dwelling

….and shake it all about….

I thought this week would be emotional because I’m going back to work tomorrow (how time flies when you spend your days singing wind the fucking* bobbin up and trying to get a baby wipe out when your hand is covered in shite (lactose intolerance = runny poo after yoghurt btw)).  500 more words