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Settling In

I feel like things are moving along rather well between Sir and me.  I am enjoying the fact that my requirements and rules are expanding, and I feel like I am living up to his expectations rather well. 266 more words

Settlers of Catan

Between Christmas and New Years, we all sat around a wooden table in Edmonton and tried to figure out the rules for the game which has pulled more families apart than any other game. 295 more words


Nursery and learning to let go

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I am a strong “manly” man. 989 more words


My first monsoon

It’s my 5th full day here in Darwin, and I’m throwing back to my first blog post to share some pictures of life here so far. 713 more words


Love At First Sight And Other Tails

We brought B home because he looked so tiny, so pathetic in his adoption appeal post. A black and white waif with an overbite, tied to a balcony railing with a pajama drawstring. 998 more words


Being brothers

Buttons was a year and a half old when we brought Scooby home. Two boys with such a small age gap between them – every expert would have told us it was a  837 more words


5 months

I’ve lived in Topeka, KS for 5 months.

No one else really remembers but I do. And I’m excited that I’ve made it this long. I’ve occasionally had second thoughts but not for very long. 127 more words