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Am I Settling?

When I was growing up I was never someone who envisioned how their life would turn out. Sure, I had plans, like for my career and where I might end up with it. 567 more words

Weekly Highlight

She Came, to Love the Cold-Blooded, Heartless, Man Who Kidnapped Her

At the beginning, when she was taken by him, she’d, hated him, and, life got, real hard, and she was, dying, little, by little, despite how he “loved” her… 245 more words

The Self

Less Settled

I recently replaced some of our furniture. It was time. The other stuff was old, worn out, and lost some of its cushiony comforts. I liked the new stuff when I tested it out in the store. 235 more words


Black Butterflies

We waited to hear and never did—
now winter comes and waiting ends
or all there ever is is waiting.
We’d have settled for mere hailing or… 44 more words


The Whole Cookie...

I’ve suffered for you beautifully and yet, I don’t know how to be your friend any longer. When I’ve stepped into the roles of friend, companion, lover, partner, even acquaintance, I’m not me, but rather a version of what you need and now I have to be stronger. 279 more words

The thoughts of having a love life and career I enjoy always plague my mind. I’ve found myself pondering over exactly what I want and how I will go about achieving it.

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My Life Be Like

A Lesson in Desperation

Indeed not everything that glitters is gold. Not everything opportunity is a ‘blessing’. Not everything that looks attractive is good. Never get so desperate for anything in life that you start to think or feel like you have no options, that you totally depend on it.

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Life Lessons