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Counting Pennies

There is a sliver of light
In a tunnel so narrow
It catches at the waist
Scratch til the mouth
Grows wider, you say?
No, I shall lie here… 109 more words


Don't Settle

What if I won’t find someone who loves me like he does?

What if I try to make him understand more about Jesus Christ? 625 more words


Finishing Well Means Finishing

We began well. With great intentions.

I know myself. Following through and finishing a project isn’t always a priority. I get started on something, go at it with grit and gusto, knowing exactly what I am hoping to accomplish. 532 more words

Soul sedimentation

It’s nearly two years since Will and I hit the ground running in Vic Falls.

Now, I love a good run, but I have to say two years of it is hectic. 417 more words

Kick em’ out, Caleb.

In the next six chapters, we will be looking at the allocation of the lands. This is the fulfillment of the promise of God to the children of Israel.

516 more words


Geneen Roth lives with messy and magnificent

Let the ashes settle

then ride the phoenix

the shooting, quiet stars in the moonlit calming light


Home Sweet...

Some people will never leave from where they grew up, sure, they will move into a different area of the city, or perhaps a separate suburb, but they won’t travel far. 127 more words