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Seva for Millennials

Seva is a Sanskrit term that means “service.” We are in a political time when we need full-on and present engagement in service. We need to be and stay woke. 593 more words

AriseBharat Digest – Pushya- Yugabdi 5118


The Supreme Court’s directive to the Government to audit nearly 30 lakh non-governmental organisations (NGOs) is a welcome move and comes in the backdrop of not only misuse of public funds by many NGO’s but also in their involvement in secessionist activities. 543 more words


Yoga + Social Justice: The Preliminary Inner Work

As part of the Yoga + Social Justice training that I am thrilled to be able to participate in at Laughing Lotus San Francisco, I was required to fill out a detailed and thought-provoking questionairre. 885 more words


Living and Learning in Amritapuri, India: January 8, 2017

In my last Living and Learning in Amritapuri post, I mentioned that I knew I would have many experiences during my remaining days here. From my perspective, every moment I’m in Amritapuri is packed with challenges, lessons, opportunities and gifts. 530 more words


How to thank the Infinite?

Someone asked me how to thank that infinite power? What could I do for God that would be the closest possible thanks to him?

I answered, “God does not need your prayer, rites, rituals. 241 more words


Ishtartha siddhi seva at Sonda Vadiraja Math

Men should wear kacche panche and women should be in saree /girls in langa blouse compulsory throughout the seva.


1. Take a coconut ( preferably small in size , so that you can tie around your waist and it doesn’t touch the ground when you do namaskara ) , a panche to tie the coconut and two pots to pour water while you bathe in Dhavala Ganaga. 532 more words