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Do You Copy Your Guru?

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Do you copy your Guru or Mentor? When you copy your mentor or your Guru, do you really believe that you have reached their position? 40 more words


The Season of Believing - Believe in Yourself!

A while back I sent my Resume over to a new studio opening near Katy for a full time position as “Assistant Seva”. The Owner called me today and asked if I would be interested in another position “Seva Director”. 206 more words

Backup always ready – Attrition Management

SuperSeva is expertise in the art of Facilities Management, Successfully delivering premium Facilities Management Solutions for over sixteen years, at all major cities in… 212 more words

Shared experiences at Sanatan Ashram Ramnathi

I connect to several experiences undergone by Amruta Acharya at Sanatan Ashram Ramnathi. Many times, I feel as if she is writing about my experiences and not her own. 524 more words

Sanatan Sanstha

Can I come back

Can I come back? This question by my wife caught me unawares. What was going on? Why did she sound desperate? Should I rush to bring her back? 513 more words

Sanatan Sanstha

Giving Your Talents In Service

InQuire More – Many wisdom traditions encourage us to step outside our egos and give selflessly back to the world. The sanskrit word “Seva” is a practice of selfless service with gratitude. 82 more words

Understanding Seva

Amongst seekers, one word that we often see being used is seva. The common translation for the word seva is selfless service. But what is selfless service? 1,001 more words