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A Visit to Hacienda de Guru Ram Dass

I slept deeply my night in quiet T or C. At dawn–which I have the luxury to enjoy at my own pace, being a morning person–I pulled on some clothes and made my way to Passion Pie Cafe for breakfast. 1,807 more words


Are you in good company?


If the people around me are not good, will it affect my spiritual growth?


The company you keep matters a lot, especially on the spiritual path. 272 more words

39: Seva

To come here, then, you must demonstrate that you are also a sensible and practical human being.  You must show you can work because you’ll be expected to contribute to the overall operation of the place with about five hours a day of seva, or “selfless service”.

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Why are the fees in Art of living so high?


A lot of times I come across this question and I am sure there is a very solid reasoning but somehow am unable to come to that answer and your input in this will be greatly appreciated. 883 more words

Seva- To Serve

The word “Seva” stands for “to serve, wait or attend upon, honor, or worship”.
It is mainly translated in English as ‘service’.
Seva is imperative for spiritual life. 289 more words

Jai Guru

Meet the Teachers - Amanda Grady of Sathya Yoga

Continuing introducing the teachers for the Charity Yoga Day at Happy Ohm next Sunday 6th of September (!). We’ll be donating all the money to the Nabadisha project in Kolkata helping trafficked children. 262 more words