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Mobile Water Seva

Seva is the Sanskrit word for Selfless Service. Today, the water boys of San Diego (myself and my dear friend) were back driving around deserted streets on a hot day! 139 more words


Attempts to Achieve Seva while Battling a Nagging and Self Preserving Ego

I apologize, this one is a messy mix of heterogeneous thoughts that apparently cannot congeal into cohesive expression yet. Though I expect my inability to make this an eloquent statement of my ideas on the topic is just a sign that I’m simply conflicted. 477 more words


Summer Seva: Paws 'n Soles

This summer I worked my tail off walking pups and pooches around my way. The program I called it Paws & Soles. I enlisted two neighbors to start this dog-walking project. 19 more words

Charity Work

Seva, Healing Work and the Requirement of Payment

There have been quite a few people emailing me and responding to my recent posting regarding money and spiritual healing work.

There is a simplicity here.   913 more words

Spiritual Activism

3 more solo shows in Detroit

Artists: if you want to show your work, simply bring your work into public and show it.  Here are 3 more solo shows I completed in Detroit this past week.  91 more words


Day 30

It’s Saturday 27th June. I roll out of bed at 9am ready to start the weekend. Can’t wait for breakfast so I head out straight to the main hut. 494 more words

Bournemouth University

Day 29

It’s Friday 26th June. I can’t believe that this is my last seva day. Where did all of that time go? I am seriously considering coming back to Sadhana Forest after some time as a long term volunteer. 697 more words

Bournemouth University