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At Least A 'Gone Girl' Isn't Boring

While reading Gone Girl, I came across the following quote:

For several years, I had been bored. Not a whining, restless child’s boredom (although I was not above that) but a dense, blanketing malaise.

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The Plots inside the Coats

Standing on the train station, early the other morning, I looked around at my fellow travellers. It was the first properly autumnal day of the year and they hunched quietly against the rain and the cold wind. 901 more words

Works-in-Progress: In Search of Y

The Brussels Writers’ Circle features members who are hard at work chipping away at various monumental and epoch-making pieces of literature. Or so we would hope. 625 more words

Brussels Writers' Circle


“The hero or heroine is he or she who is born to inherit; who is worthy to succeed; who must grow up as fit to take on the torch of life from those who went before. 124 more words

Books I Recommend

Screenplay concepts

We may like to fondly imagine that the good films we see are made by creative artistic types who just want to share their dreams and visions with us, and would even do it only for the love of it. 953 more words



For our Narrative Structure, we have now been given the fiction project to do. We can have our fiction based on something that already exists or try to make something up completely. 979 more words


Foxed Quarterly

This is the fourth of my Foxed Quarterlies, which means I’ve come full circle through the year. Hooray!

The winter issue of Slightly Foxed dropped onto the doormat at home on 1st December, exactly on time, but I’ve been rubbing my nose firmly against the grindstone in London, and arrived home on the 14th, with bursting suitcase of books, to glumly carry on writing four essays. 616 more words

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