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“The hero or heroine is he or she who is born to inherit; who is worthy to succeed; who must grow up as fit to take on the torch of life from those who went before. 124 more words

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Screenplay concepts

We may like to fondly imagine that the good films we see are made by creative artistic types who just want to share their dreams and visions with us, and would even do it only for the love of it. 953 more words



For our Narrative Structure, we have now been given the fiction project to do. We can have our fiction based on something that already exists or try to make something up completely. 979 more words


Foxed Quarterly

This is the fourth of my Foxed Quarterlies, which means I’ve come full circle through the year. Hooray!

The winter issue of Slightly Foxed dropped onto the doormat at home on 1st December, exactly on time, but I’ve been rubbing my nose firmly against the grindstone in London, and arrived home on the 14th, with bursting suitcase of books, to glumly carry on writing four essays. 616 more words

Books Of Interest

Booker's Seven Story Plots

Ah, the word “behind” doesn’t even do this blog justice…and it’s probably pointless informing you all of reasons why, but nevertheless, I am slowly getting back into it after a hard time with some personal issues (cue the viola). 646 more words


What Oreos Teach Us About Writing

​As I bought yet another limited edition Oreo bag, (someone must stop me! I don’t need to try all of them!) I pondered.

Oreo was once a simple cream sandwich when it was first released in 1912. 112 more words

Spotlight On Writing

Plots worth digging over

Christopher Booker
The Seven Basic Plots: why we tell stories
Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd 2005

I was attracted to this book for a number of reasons, not least by the fact that its title told you exactly what it was about, reinforced by the witty cover by photographer Jonathan Ring showing a pile of books reflected in a metal film canister. 796 more words