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Snow White And Seven Men - Chapter Seven

Fortunately, this all happened on a Friday, and so they had had the whole weekend to recover from working so hard long into the night, and to bond and chatter and answer Snow White charmingly inquisitive questions like ‘why did none of you ever think to question where your names came from,’ and ‘didn’t you think Grumpy was an odd choice of name for a precious new baby,’ and ‘do all normal people live like you?’ It was great fun. 377 more words


Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs : Movie Review!

When you think about Walt Disney, one of the first things to come into your head most likely is, the ultimate classic Disney masterpiece…Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs. 749 more words


Turner's on Tour - Day 7 - Magic Kingdom

Please note this blog is from a trip in early February. This post was written on 7th Feb 2017.
The most magical day of my life in the most magical place on Earth.  629 more words

TBR - Prison Made of Mirrors by Jennifer Loring

Aithne is a warrior kidnapped from her homeland during a Viking invasion and forced to marry her captor. Shortly before the raid that claims his life, she becomes pregnant with a child whom she believes cursed.

131 more words

Snow White and Seven Men - chapter 1

Once upon a time in a land far far away, a little girl was born to the King and Queen. Her hair was black as ebony, her lips as red as two glistening rubies, and her skin white as snow. 924 more words


Top 8: MV(F)P+

When planning a Disney trip, choosing which fast pass is the one must have for each park is very valuable.  So in honor of the NFL playoffs with an upcoming super bowl of two MVP-caliber QBs, we put together a list our most valuable FP+. 499 more words



Snow White was never just a homemaker for seven dwarves and a prince… She was always a one-woman killing machine just ready to be let loose.

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