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The Sleeper and the Spindle

I remember seeing this book when it was released at my favorite bookshop in my college town and my best friend bought it but I totally forgot about it until this weekend as I was checking in books at the library. 708 more words


Seven food dwarfs: lumpy

I’m going to do a series about adjectives used negatively about food & bodies. Lumpy, doughy, stodgy etc all sound a little like the seven dwarfs, and this series needed a title, so I’m going to go with it. 509 more words

Ricky and the Seven Dwarves

Me : “Hey Ricky, who are your new friends?”
Ricky : “From the left this is Shy Guy, Achoo, Giggles, Dingbat, Four Eyes, Bags, and Crab Ass.” 61 more words


The Boathouse

I had that sinking feeling in my stomach as we set off from my friend’s home – where we are cat and flat sitting – to head off into the Kent countryside. 581 more words


Snow White and Seven Men - Chapter Nine

Snow White had managed to get the men to purchase some books from the town for her. She was pleased about this as they were quite uneducated and it was nice for Snow White to be able to slip away into storybook land and have a break from judging them. 556 more words


Snow White And Seven Men - Chapter Seven

Fortunately, this all happened on a Friday, and so they had had the whole weekend to recover from working so hard long into the night, and to bond and chatter and answer Snow White charmingly inquisitive questions like ‘why did none of you ever think to question where your names came from,’ and ‘didn’t you think Grumpy was an odd choice of name for a precious new baby,’ and ‘do all normal people live like you?’ It was great fun. 377 more words


Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs : Movie Review!

When you think about Walt Disney, one of the first things to come into your head most likely is, the ultimate classic Disney masterpiece…Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs. 749 more words