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Fairytales can come true if you believe...

Strangers at the door. Unannounced. Unexpected. I get the feeling it happens noch häufiger hier in Bocklehoma than anywhere else (other than perhaps in the Coggeshall Triangle where curious goings on are said to happen and if you have ever been to a boot sale in and around Coggeshall, … 332 more words

The most powerful gift a designer can give a brand is the gift of someone else’s time. Being able to stop someone in their tracks with a powerful message is the gold standard that many strive for but few can achieve. 329 more words



Let’s go today on a journey to a winter wonderland and discover the magical world of Snow White.

Our winter wonderland is called Lapland and is located in the north of Europe very close to the North Pole. 325 more words



It doesn’t feel like a labyrinth. It doesn’t feel like I could find my way out just by trusting the path. Let’s call it a maze, then. 631 more words

The Art of Bookkeeping

The Art of Bookkeeping
The Brass Automaton Part XX

It took longer than I had anticipated to put these last two Chapters together.  In the end I’m glad I took the extra time because I think they turned our very well, and will give Mark a lot to work with.  1,197 more words


The Sorrow of Obligation

The Sorrow of Obligation
The Brass Automaton Saga Part XIX

Head over to Mark Gardner‘s place for the Brass Automaton Saga’s Project Page.  … 1,074 more words