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The Seven Sins

Seven brothers born in one family each totally different than the others,

Each seemed to have a serious flaw, each had hidden secrets behind closed doors. 185 more words

Wings of the Devil

hides so much kinds
of pleasures.

I wonder if I can be
a dark-winged creature
If I can roaming freely
around the Earth… 282 more words


The 'Lust' for good

Anyone with a rudimentary understanding of English will know the meaning of ‘Lust‘, a strong desire or craving towards something or someone, usually sexual in nature but not limited to it. 539 more words

Pride...Humility ?

I have not conquered pride and probably never will. Like each of the seven deadly sins, pride has nine lives. Pride is a daily struggle that everyone must fight. 229 more words

Creating a Fool

Vanity and self-righteousness
inhibits learning
and creates a fool.



Gluttony, alias berlemak. Apa sih ya maksudnya?

Maksudnya itu menu Gluttony adalah paket combo, jadi ini adalah kombinasi dari menu Envy, Wrath, Sloth.

jadi untuk kalian ayng mau hemat budget tapi mau nyobain semua menu yang disebutkan tadi, kalian bisa pilih menu Gluttony yang pasti menghemat budget kalian. 72 more words

Seven Sins


Di dunia ini gak ada yang bisa lepas dari yang namanya rasa males. Nah, untuk kalian yang males males ke luar negeri atau ke restoran mahal untuk makan makanan luar neg’ri yang enak enak, mending kalian ke stand Seven Sins. 90 more words

Seven Sins