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Static crackled in my ear.

– I just wanna know who wrote the story, Sean. I’m not after an address or a phone number.

– Yeah, right. 4,085 more words


The Room

The room is beautiful, a young woman thinks.

The walls are a soft, warm burlywood; the almost indescribable hue of crinkled autumn leaves beneath a hazy morning frost. 2,892 more words


The Wingman

Horror movies are one of the best ways to get a girl to trust you.

At least, that was Tom’s logic.

‘Yeah, I’ll do it,’ said Vic. 3,125 more words



‘Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, can I have your attention, please? The act you are about to witness is no mere folly. 2,535 more words


Paint by Numbers

‘Thanks for coming, Mr Earlwick,’ said Elizabeth, the assistant curator of the gallery. I don’t think I acknowledged her.

The painting was beautiful. The two children it depicted, a boy and a girl, were running through a field of strawberries with wicker baskets hanging from their shoulders. 2,089 more words


The Saga of a King, Part II

Revert to the Saga of a King, Part I.

The pale light of a full moon illuminates my castle, making it easy to negotiate the chambers within.

7,620 more words

The Saga of a King, Part I

A sobering notion occurred to my brilliant mind this evening; one that I presume will be foreign to many, since few have obtained a position as equally reverent as my own. 5,709 more words