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Meat Bird Update: 7 weeks

Y’all, these are seven week old meat birds. Don’t they look nice? They will be around here one more week; my dad set up a tentative appointment next Saturday for the inevitable butchering. 218 more words


Transvaginal Ultrasound Day

My 2nd check up is supposed to be on the 15th of April, but I couldn’t wait that long. I just have this burning desire to know if my baby’s heartbeat is ok. 202 more words

Limburg Baby

4AM.. too early for morning sickness?

So I woke up around 2:30am, I felt super hungry, I made myself a cup of milk and drink it. By 4am, I started regurgitating… all the milk I drank earlier. 84 more words

Limburg Baby

Seven Weeks

I’ve been lethargic and regurgitating a lot. I don’t have headaches. So far, the pain on my lower left abdomen is gone. I’ve been sleeping a lot. 82 more words

Limburg Baby

Post Surgery Update!

Vlog post!!!  Just a quick update on my accident, surgery, and current recovery.


I have to tell someone...

So, because none of my friends or family know about this blog, I am coming here to break the news first. More thoughts to follow later, but for now – Happy Seven Weeks to me!