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The Best Way to Visit Chichén Itzá

One of the new seven wonders of the world this massive pyramid on the Yucatan Peninsula has seen an unprecedented number of  visitors in the recent years making it one of the most visited archaeological sites in Mexico, and Mexico has a lot of those. 303 more words

Chichen Itza

Petra: Secrets of the Lost City

Westerners have a long tradition of discovering things that were never lost in the first place. The ancient city of Petra, hidden away in Jordan’s southwestern desert, was “discovered” by Swiss explorer Johann Ludwig Burckhardt in 1812. 95 more words


The Tomb of Shadows

The characters. As a Select and a bearer of G7W, a gene which could give you exceptional talents and skills, you would expect them to be extra ordinary in some ways right? 378 more words

Book Review

Peter Lerangis, author of 106 books, talks about the YA reader

It’s hard to believe at first but for the longest time, Peter Lerangis never really saw himself as a writer. It’s a bewildering statement, really. Peter, after all, is not only prolific — he’s written a whopping 106 books — he’s also the author behind some of Young Adult and Middle Grade fantasy’s most compelling, not to mention popular, stories. 2,539 more words


I have my head in the clouds at Machu  Picchu 

I’m back in Cusco now, and the jungle trek to Machu Picchu feels like a world away! I feel like I went through a wormhole in a Doctor Who episode into an ancient civilisation…. 837 more words


Lost in Babylon

After my curiosity was aroused by the first book, The Colossus Rises, of the Seven Wonders series, I decided to read the next book, Lost in Babylon. 794 more words

Book Review

Books I've Read Recently


I read a lot of Middle Grade speculative fiction. This is not because I have difficulty with big words, mind you, but rather because I happen to write Middle Grade speculative fiction and it’s always good to keep an eye on what the competition is doing. 603 more words