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My Top 5 Favorite David Fincher Films

David Fincher is my favorite director. It’s as simple as that. I am a huge fan of thrillers and Fincher is a god at making them. 1,445 more words


Daily Tarot 3/29/15

7 of Cups

Today is a day where a lot of options will be made available to you. You won’t be able to pick them all but since it’s you’re intuition and wisdom that brought these forth, trust your intuition and wisdom to guide your choices. 137 more words


--- Ken Block and "Gymkhana 7" -- Even Better Than The Last... Again!

Alright, If you know me, you know I dig cars and anything automotive.  I’ve noticed that over the years, I keep talking about a particular guy because of his mad-crazy driving skills and the creativity of the videos that he makes.  160 more words


Significant 7

The number seven appears to be exceedingly full of divine meaning and great purpose.  Just like God’s wondrous creation, His Word is intricately designed.  Numbers, colors, measurements, etc. 314 more words


Chapter 14

“Two years ago a new family moved into my neighborhood. No moving truck or “Hi, we are new to the area. My name is blah, blah, blah.” One day I went to sleep and the next morning 22569 Warbler Street was occupied. 2,256 more words


RE: The Plane Crash in France

In today’s hypersensitive world, it is necessary to be clear and spell out exactly what you mean.

So, let me be clear I’m not condoning anyone killing themselves. 117 more words