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Sevens: Precious Stone

Precious Stone

A dark Labyrinth corridor.

From that space that resembled the inside of a cave, I could hear the sound of running water somewhere. 2,782 more words


Wellington in Pictures, 3 of 7

Wellington is famous for Rugby too. A lot of ads for one of the biggest Rugby events in that region were scattered across the city. Store named “i love ugly” – no they don’t sell slaves there, just high-priced clothing. 31 more words


Sevens: Alette Baillet

Alette Baillet

Invited by Miranda, I went over to the place Alette-san’s party’s tent was stationed.

I had been confirming Mini-Porter with Clara, but no matter what we did, there were still things we had to look over, so I decided to come here, but… 2,626 more words


Sevens: The Departing Subjugatory Force

The Departing Subjugatory Force

The preparations to depart over with, we gathered at Beim’s eastern gate. Our scale was that of a few hundreds.

It didn’t reach a thousand, but it was still a considerable number. 2,876 more words


Rugby 7's Langford 2016

Photos from the Women’s World Rugby 7’s in Langford, B.C., Canada on April 17, 2016.

I wanted to use the opportunity to practice a couple of things before shooting the event at the upcoming Olympic games in Rio. 585 more words


Sunday Sevens #83

Another Sunday – another Sunday Sevens; a weekly blog series organised by Nat at Threads & Bobbins to show a glimpse of your life outside of the blog in about seven photos. 532 more words


Sevens: The Leader's Job

(TL: As for the name of this site…

Godwin: Rebranding is where you take a property the general public are bored to death of seeing, change it slightly, and promote it as something completely different. 3,149 more words