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Sevens: Novem Forxuz

Novem Forxuz

… Around morning.

Having finished washing the laundry for the mansion, Novem went out into the yard.

In her basket, clothing had been piled like a mountain. 2,309 more words


Sevens: Mr. Lyle

Mr. Lyle

When I woke up on the bed, I remembered a sensation I had felt once before.

As if I was reborn…

As if I could do anything… 2,737 more words


Three of Pentacles with Seven of Swords

Raise your hand if you know a single person that believes all men are jerks or all women are superficial or some other unflattering generalization. We all know that person who has decried every member of the gender to which they normally date to equally and universally have a debilitating character flaw, one that prevents them from finding Mr. 575 more words

The Tarot Of Manifestation

Sevens: A Woman's Back

A Woman’s Back

After breaking through the thirtieth floor’s boss room, we proceeded quickly.

With the Skills in my possession, we would always enter battles with the advantage. 4,389 more words


Sevens: Mind


The end floor of the second day.

In a wide space on the twenty ninth floor, we had performed a clean sweep of the monsters, and took a break. 5,101 more words


Sevens: Labyrinth Specialist

Labyrinth Specialist

Arumsaas’ Labyrinth.

Having arrived in a wide room on the fifth level, I gathered everyone to discuss our next plans.

Up to now, the adventurers that rushed in from Damien’s request had defeated all the monsters, so we were able to press on without battle. 4,792 more words


Sevens Question Corner 2

Question corner at the end of section two.


Sevens Question Corner 2

Q: So Lyle was at Level 1?

A: Lyle (ヽ´ω`) : “… That’s right. 958 more words