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Dear Running into People You Know

I dread running into people I know. When I was younger I used to duck and run. Or just, well, not be that friendly. I was definitely one of those kids whose mothers was always saying, “If you would just smile!” Or: “Well she’d be friendly if you’d be friendly!” Or: “Just smile and say hi and you’d be surprised where a friend might be hiding!” 706 more words

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Dear Bagel Boy

Dear Bagel Boy,

When you’re too high to toast a bagel and put cream cheese on it in a moderately consistent fashion, you’re smoking too much before work.

Just a thought.


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Dear Justin Bieber

Dear Justin Bieber,

You are 16.




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Dear Zac Efron in "17 Again" (guest letter)

dear zac efron in “17 AGAIN,”

OH-EM-GEE. you wear that shirt welllll, boy. even though the plaid of it is so indiscreetly target brand, i like your STYLE. 162 more words

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Dear Weeds

Dear Weeds,

I honestly don’t know why I watch you. Okay, through seasons one and two, I was highly amused.

But after Silas cut a… 393 more words

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Dear Seventeen-Year-Old Boys

Dear Seventeen-Year-Old Boys,

Okay, well, the truth is, once upon a time, I spent a lot of time with you. In the hallways, sitting next to you in class, getting burgers at… 858 more words

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Dear Taylor Swift

Dear Taylor Swift,

Now Taylor, I like you just fine. I think it’s sweet that you started writing songs and then realized somebody else was going to be singing them and had a (very nice and polite I’m sure) hissy fit about it and insisted on singing them yourself. 839 more words

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