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£25 Makeup Challenge

Hello, I hope you are well wherever you are in the world! Today’s post is all about the £25 makeup challenge! I haven’t gone out and bought any cheaper makeup, just used what I have in my own collection! 307 more words


September & October '16 Favorites

Ο Σεπτέμβρης ήταν ένας πολύ γεμάτος μήνας που πραγματικά τον χάρηκα. Ο Οκτώβρης έχει λίγες μέρες ακόμη μέχρι να μας αποχαιρετήσει οριστικά και σιγά σιγά μπαίνουμε στον Νοέμβρη, ένα μήνα που γενικά τον συμπαθώ πολύ γιατί σε προετοιμάζει για τα Χριστούγεννα.

F&F Stories

CheolGyu - Lá vàng mùa thu rơi

Xoay và rơi…

Xoay tròn và rơi xuống…

Seungcheol trong mắt Mingyu vào năm 6 tuổi, chính là một cậu bé cô đơn, lúc nào cũng ngồi bó gối một mình trên đồi cỏ phía sau núi. 2,673 more words

Apa sih? Berisik.

​Karena tadi pagi suhu tubuhku yang tidak kunjung berkurang setelah diminumi obat, maka aku dengan terpaksa ijin tidak masuk sekolah.
Suhu tubuhku sudah kembali normal sekarang. 166 more words


328: So Busy

328: So Busy

I am so busy

Busy being busy, hmm

No time to update

~ Serendipitous


Why I'm Going Cruelty Free

Hello everyone and happy Wednesday! The weekend has almost crept upon us. I have decided to write this post about my decision to only use Cruelty Free products as it has become something I feel strongly about. 376 more words