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My night

Oh tonight. That was fun. Not. Only two things I enjoyed: friends and food. Other than that, I wanted to be dead. Literally. Pictures with fake smiles, annoying little brats, and finding out that people think that the Bahamas is a country? 15 more words


Today was awesome!

Ok, hey guys! Science isn’t my favorite subject, but today was the exception. I couldn’t stop laughing! My friend made a face when I told her something and I died! 17 more words


I'm back!

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting yesterday. I was sick and felt like crap. I still went to school, but didn’t really enjoy being with friends because I wasn’t feeling good #sonotme. 32 more words


The Seventh Day of the New Year

“Men cannot live alone because they belong to each other.”  – Tiffany Leung

Today is the seventh day of the New Year according to the Chinese calendar, known as Renri (人日, Yan Yaat). 259 more words


Just another day

Hey guys! I overheard a few people talking about my site, which is awesome! Thanks so much guys! Other than that, my school day was pretty decent. 35 more words


Seventh Son Review


I never thought I would find myself sitting in a theater watching this movie. Honestly, the trailers looked horrible and it was the last thing I wanted to spend my Valentine’s Day doing. 1,104 more words