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Genre coverage: City-Pop

A once-obscure genre of music to the Western world has decided to make a comeback recently, mostly in the form of Future-Funk but we’ll be going back thirty or forty years to discuss its funk-filled Japanese predecessor, City-Pop. 338 more words


PHOTOS: the Sweetheart Roller Skating Rink

I had just purchased a medium format, twin lens camera and, as usual, I was out riding around looking for something to shoot. I happened upon an old wooden structure built in the 1930’s in the Six Mile Creek area of rural southern Hillsborough County, Tampa, FL.

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FlinterFile: Billy Paul- Me And Mrs. Jones

In 1972, Billy Paul had one of his biggest hits. The Phillysound-song is about two lovers, who are both cheating their partners. 140 more words


Boomtown Rats - I don't like Mondays (Leaping Ahead #116)

Leaping Ahead Project 2016 #116: 160425

I was doing a radio interview in Atlanta with Fingers and there was a telex machine beside me. I read it as it came out.

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Leaping Ahead Project 2016

はっぴいえんど (Happy End) [Folk-Rock]

If you’ve heard of a relatively unknown English band called The Beatles then odds are, you’d love Happy End. As we experienced Beatlemania in the early sixties, 1969 Japan experienced something similar. 520 more words


Fanfare for an Uncommon Man

I was a twenty-year-old kid, fumbling around, knowing I no longer belonged to a life I’d thought those twenty years was for me. Knowing my fairy tale had taken a sharp turn on a dark, rainy night, skidded off the road and gotten mired in the mud. 995 more words


A Vintage Fair can Tell a Thousand Stories

Vintage clothing takes up a big part of my wardrobe — and puts a similar sized dent in my bank balance. Whether you lust after old Levi’s or prefer your clothes freshly pressed, there’s no denying that when it’s worn, it has history. 190 more words