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The weekly herding: comps and subs

For anyone starting the year with fresh writing enthusiasm, there are a lot of opportunities around at the moment in the form of short story competitions and magazines with open submission windows. 867 more words

The Weekly Herding

Fear of Death

Fear of death? But it is because you made a mess of your life!

Source: Fear of Death


Fear of Death

Fear of Death[1]

I pity the living. I don’t pity the dead—those who, as Luther well said, are finally at rest.

But why does this rest frighten so many people? 1,075 more words


Go away, Outcasts!

All-powerful alcohol incites people to dictatorial aspirations in every country.

Source: Go away, Outcasts!


Go away, outcasts!

Go away, outcasts![1]

Who said this? France? You wouldn’t really want to! The old crone who said what is the foulest part of hatred, what is the least noble issue of servility is no more France than the fury in black shirts shaking their fists at us and spitting insults from the other side of the Alps is Italy! 1,271 more words


24-Fascism and Finale

and the long-lamenting song of a beggar drags on

Source: 24-Fascism and Finale