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A Memory

A Memory:  On the First Anniversary of the Death of Jules Vallès[1]

When he fell back with a heavy sigh and I knew that death, that wretch, had just taken him, I cried out in revolt against anyone who tried to comfort me. 1,032 more words


3-Jules Vallès

He was fifty years old. His hair and beard white like a biblical patriarch. Deep wrinkles slashed across his forehead above his bushy eyebrows. He was ugly, gruff and grim with the voice of an ogre, constantly grumbling about all kinds of tyranny… family, school, police, empire… and he was sick to boot, diabetic. 1,957 more words


The Eternal Masculine (III)

The Eternal Masculine[1]

Part Three: The End

I lived. I suffered. At seventeen I had to start my life over, even earn a living. And I was unfit for it, with my idle hands only used to the piano, my shiny silks and soft wool—a stranger to the most insignificant errand in the workshops where you get an apprenticeship and the habit of working. 1,049 more words


A Spot of Very Happy News

Kindly keep your eyes peeled in the near future, friends because I’m very happy to announce that the first of three works I posted recently under the title ‘Side-Project Paraphernalia” (I Own You (1)), is soon to be featured on the Severine Literary Journal website!


2-From Marriage to Suicide

“You will be a teacher or we will marry you off!”

Even at sixteen years old Séverine was too much of a rebel to enter the world of civil service, like her father, with all the bosses and schedules to obey. 1,231 more words