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Séverine: 5-The End of Le Cri

“Séverine was trying to keep Vallès’ dream alive: that Le Cri du Peuple be the voice of the people, the voice that was imprisoned in silence, a militant voice against economic and political exploitation.”



5-The End of Le Cri

The fight over control of Le Cri du Peuple had started even before Jules Vallès died. Guesde and his friends had tried to take over the paper during his sickness and impose their form of scientific socialism under the cult of Marx. 1,370 more words


In which I am published!


Here it is friends, the first issue of the Severine Literary Journal in which I am published along with some other truly fantastic artists and writers – give it a look! 26 more words

Are You Dressed Just Like My Love?

My flash fiction story “Are You Dressed Just Like My Love?” appears in the first issue of Severine!

Severine is a new literary and art journal named after feminist militant journalist Caroline Rémy du Guebhard, pseudonym Severine.   36 more words

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Séverine - The Chicago Anarchists

“The time will come when our silence will be more powerful than our voices that you are strangling to death!”

via Séverine – Rebel In a Black Dress


The Chicago Anarchists

The Chicago Anarchists[1]

They took these four men, full of life and health, and covered their shoulders with the shroud that, a few minutes later, would wrap their twisted limbs and hide their contorted faces—and their eyes popping out of the sockets to punish them for having seen too far and too high into the future of humanity; and their tongues hanging out of their mouths, gags of purple flesh sealing forever those lips guilty of having spoken of truth and justice! 432 more words


The Responsible Parties

The Responsible Parties:

Concerning the Anarchist Duval[1]

I do not approve of the theory of theft—or better said, I do not understand it. It disturbs me because it seems to be the kind of thing that pushes away the undecided, intimidates the naïve and frightens the timid. 1,163 more words