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Sussex summer, Seville autumn.

I am aware that yesterday marked the first day of autumn. I am also aware that temperatures in Seville today are just about the same as they were during my visit to Eastbourne this summer. 929 more words


Seville memories

“The Golden Tower where the beams of the setting sun seem to be concentrated as in the focus, so that it appears built of pure gold, and probably from that circumstance received the name which it now bears. 79 more words


September 16-17 ~ Trip to Granada

Our bus left Seville around eight thirty, we got there early and all fell asleep on the bus ride. I woke up as we began entering Granada. 1,303 more words

Southern Spain: Seville, Granada, Cordoba

We are just starting our 5 hour train journey back to Barca! It’s been about a week in Southern Spain and even though we came somewhat prepared on the sights we were going to see, it was a continuous surprised with the range of culture and styles each city embodied. 471 more words


Seville, Spain

The most stereotypical of Spanish cities.Seville is the artistic and cultural capital of Southern Spain. The city is filled with famous churches, Architecture and history. With it’s Roman origins, Followed by 500 years of Islamic occupation to it’s now very christian faith. 308 more words


Reyas Ice Cream

Life changing lemon cake ice cream. A MUST VISIT!

I recommend walking to the Metropol Parasol to take in the sunset and watch the skateboarders, while devouring this incredibly flavoursome and aptly named gelato.

Marching into Sevilla

Seville was an unexpected treasure, and one of my favourite European cities. The stunning Alcazar, twisting shaded streets, and incredible ice cream just scratch the surface of what Seville has to offer. 50 more words