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My Picasso Pillow

So, my husband is Argentine and we find ourselves back in his country (or more specifically in the federal capitol of Beunos Aires) at least once a year to visit his family and friends. 274 more words


Learn how easy (and quick) it is to put your children’s thoughts and illustrations down on paper and bind them into a handmade book for everyone to enjoy. 563 more words


Tie Craft

Today I went to a meeting of the Embroiders Guild. I love this meeting and find the other members inspiring and oh so creative! It is not just embroidery but all types of needle crafts. 83 more words

Shop Bought

Pretending to hate having her photo taken….

…but failing to keep a straight face

Nope, I’ve not started blogging high st clothing, rather my daughter commented “it looks like you bought it in a shop, in a good way” when she got this dress recently for her birthday.  513 more words

Bibby with tutorial

So I decided to take a little break from the skirts I’ve been sewing. Not that I’m not enjoying it, I’m still loving it but I want to make other things too! 439 more words


Showing Up At The Showdown (3/3)

I don’t know about you, but I always find Vogue patterns a little difficult. I’ve tried a couple, one was even a pants pattern I think I’m going to revisit soon, but they always managed to stump me somewhere and usually I give up. 496 more words


Showing Up at the Showdown (part 2/3)

I’m obsessed with this show called Timeless. So, the basic premise is that this ream is jumping back through time and the main woman, Lucy Preston, perfectly portrayed by Abigail Spencer, is incredibly intelligent, kind and caring and she literally always looks amazing in any and every decade they end up in. 575 more words