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Ties to the past

My quilting project this week had me reminiscing about my grandmother who did a lot of clothing and quilt making. I remember visiting when I was small and every time the button tin fell on the floor and I had to pick all the buttons up! 165 more words

A spot of sewing

Aldi sewing machine anyone? Yes please!

Until now we’ve always just used Ma’s old sewing machine at home, there’s nothing wrong with it apart from the slightly too sensitive foot peddle that sometimes sends the needle whirring if you so much as breathe near it…  more fool you if you left your project under the needle and didn’t turn the machine off when you went away for a bit. 367 more words


Penny Playsuit

After seeing the Penny Playsuit, another free pattern from Shwin&Shwin, I knew I’d have to make one for my little Penny!

Really, I don’t make her enough things.  361 more words


Always, always cranking out the gift bags!

These are just right for wrapping up a pattern.

I ran out of the fancy ribbon, so I made a few like this:

If you want to make your own, … 150 more words


Work / Home Life Balance

Oh man – the frustration! I’ve got another craft market coming up this weekend and 2 of my 4 minions have been off school this week with high temperatures! 400 more words


Vintage Sewing Advertisements

Whilst flicking through some sewing magazines from the 1940s and 50s the advertisements caught my attention:

There was obviously no shortage of gadgets being marketed at home sewers and knitters… 18 more words


Someone was listening

Someone read my blog who controls the weather, because last week I got a five day weekend! This big storm blew through and there’s still snow at my house!  313 more words