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Creating Couture Embellishment - Book Review

This is a beast of a book. In fact, so big and heavy that I couldn’t resist weighing it. I recommend reading this propped up in bed, book resting against your knees, with refreshments to hand as you dream about the couture embellishment you’re going to add to your next make. 208 more words

Liberty Of London Fabric Vlog

Phewee! It’s been unbelievably hot in London today, so I decided that if I was trapped in the house I’d teach myself a bit of Youtube. 52 more words

B6178 - The Circus Is In Town

I’ve made another pair of the B6178 culottes.

I promise, I didn’t go out looking for this backdrop!

This is old school and no mistake; there are places on Airbnb that would charge you a fortune for the authentic vintage experience of sleeping in a caravan like this.

168 more words

Do You Struggle With Sewing Terminology, Too?

Words, huh? Slippery little beasts, don’t you find?

I noticed this on my last blog post when I mistakenly referred to a bodice whilst talking about a pair of culottes. 220 more words

Doughnut Pattern Weights - A Giveaway

Did you know that today is Doughnut Day in the States? Well, it is – and in my book, that calls for a sewing blog giveaway. 103 more words

B6178 Culotte Pattern

A couple of weeks ago, if you’d said to me, ‘Karen, I’d like you to swathe the lower half of your body in acres of pale fabric,’ I’d have told you to take a running jump. 377 more words

Top 5 Best Fabrics For Hot Weather

Anyone out there sweltering? Me, too! Here’s a quick run down of the fabrics I love to sew for summer. Needless to say, they’re all natural. 396 more words