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The Difference Between Poplin Cotton And Lawn Cotton

Left: Poplin Cotton, Right: Lawn Cotton

If you’re anything like me, you’ll often struggle to discern between poplin and lawn cotton. I believe people often buy poplin, believing it’s lawn cotton. 

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What To Do With Fabric Scraps

Well, if you’re a dog owner – show some love. I used this tutorial and the iron on patch came from Stoff & Stil. 25 more words

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Gingham Yuki Dress

I’ve sewn a second Yuki! (Where does that name come from?) This time in gingham cotton for the shell and black silk for the drawstring collar. 240 more words

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Tessuti Yuki Dress

On Monday, Minerva Crafts sent me some of their famous Prada Self Lined crepe. (And yes, it stands up to the hype.) On Tuesday, Tessuti Fabrics released their… 314 more words

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M6885 Shirt Dress - More Than The Sum Of Its Parts

Want to sew a shirt dress with interesting details, but without sleeve plackets or a gazillion buttons? Welcome to the M6885 shirt dress!

This is a dream to wear. 395 more words

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Bend Like The Green Reed

“The green reed which bends in the wind is stronger than the mighty oak which breaks in a storm.” Confucius

The M6885 is a GREAT pattern.

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15mm - the rule of thumb

15mm. I never knew this tiny measurement would become such a key part of my life. But it’s the standard seam allowance in most sewing patterns and now I can eyeball 15mm with impressive accuracy. 206 more words

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