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Top, Blanket, Jumpsuit (aka Titles are Hard)

The post-surgery swelling is going down, I am judging it’s progress by how much of the faces I can see of my sheep slippers whilst looking down, highly scientific. 1,277 more words

Sewing FO

Working on the Stoma Fashion

After 6 weeks of pyajams or jogging bottoms I have been getting a bit fed up with my clothing options. I had a dig through my wardrobe and found a few dresses that will work with the stoma bag and the still very swollen stomach but I still need more options, and things that make me feel more like ‘me’. 1,180 more words

Toddler Tunic

Although they technically won’t be toddlers by the time it fits!

As I’m getting a little smarter, I decided to cut out size 4 since they have moved into size 3 now. 186 more words


Baby Coats

Now for a different take on Coats. These have been a lifesaver. I was trying to figure out how to keep the babies warm when taking them out of the car in the middle of winter. 270 more words


Another Photo Dump Catch Up

It’s not just sewing that I am lacking time for, it’s the posting of the sewing (and knitting) to the blog so I fear that these posts with ‘here’s everything I’ve made in the last x months’ will become the norm until I figure out how to force the day to either have more hours or move more slowly. 1,111 more words

Sewing FO

Baby Shoes

I’ve always been interested in trying out cobblery (why are all the cute shoes heels?) but got stymied by the specialty tools. So I guess it shouldn’t have been a big surprise that I’d try making baby shoes, but it shocked me! 393 more words


Baby Clothes (Part II)

First up, a pair of dresses out of quilting fabric (since I have a hard time remembering how long I’ve had the fabric, it’s not likely to be quilted any time soon). 313 more words