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Little Wild One: a homemade pillow with attitude

I’m in the process of adding many new items to my Etsy shop, Home for Solitary Bees. Stop by and have a look! I’ll also be posting various items here to get them a little attention. 209 more words

Making Stuff

Cloth bum friendly pants

Because the wriggler is going to wear cloth nappies she’s going to have the big padded cloth butt that goes with that. Rather than buy clothes 3 sizes too large and roll up the legs I decided it was the perfect excuse to stash dive and make her a little wardrobe of pants with room in the tush. 410 more words


Baby sewing and baby growing

The baby sewing:

The pink smocks fit up to 6 months and the free pattern from here. I even had the same pillowcase as the woman who wrote the tutorial. 328 more words


Coming back to life

I admit it – if you were one of the people who told me during my first trimester that I would feel better once the first trimester hit…then I owe you an apology for laughing at you. 237 more words


Planning ahead

Life is going so slowly in our house right now you’d think it had stopped. The nausea is not receding nearly fast enough for me to do anything and the lack of energy is driving me bonkers. 202 more words


Keeping busy

I completely underestimated the mental effects of ivf treatment and have been caught offguard by how overwhelmed I feel this week. Luckily I had planned lots of crafting to keep me busy through the worst of it which has really helped. 212 more words


Neon rainbow bunting

I’m still in the thick of my 8-year-old girl obsession with rainbows but at least for this particular item I have an excuse – someone else made me make it. 185 more words