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Sewing room sabotage!

My spare room, where I sew, has been sabotaged. Taken over with unwanted furniture, this means that for the time being I can’t get to my sewing machine. 315 more words


My Sewing Room

Hello Freckled Fashionistas! I’m sitting on my back porch right now in a sundress soaking in the nice breeze and fresh air.

My sewing room used to be in my bedroom until my mother suprised my with a separate space for me to sew. 160 more words



Many moons ago I belonged to a group called FRIDAY NIGHT QUILT PARTY or something like that. The idea was you made one block of their choice per week. 259 more words


Introducing Mrs. Utt

It seems silly to introduce Mrs. Utt when she has been part of my sewing room for a year now. Still, I don’t think you have formally met her. 299 more words


There's no space like home 

All geared up with my sewing kit, I discovered there was one thing I couldn’t pack and hadn’t prepared for: an appropriate sewing space. I know I’m spoilt at home, I have the whole dining table to spread out over and it’s usually my choice to tidy any WIPs away after a while. 331 more words