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Nyssa Cosplay: How To

I thought I’d set down how I went about pulling together the Nyssa costume, in case anyone is interested.

For research, I watched The Keeper Of Traken… 877 more words


Challenging myself with summer shorts

I’m ready for summer. Typically, I made these shorts during some of the warmest days of the year and summer ended just as I’d finished the shorts. 370 more words


Week 2 of Me Made May

Week 2 of Me made May.

Ohhh a bit behind on week 2’s blog

I’ve never taken so many selfies.  Always shied away from the camera.   76 more words


Channel Your Inner Hippy and Make a Peasant Blouse From a Button-Down Shirt

 Sometimes, I worry about myself.

Katie used to remind me quite often that it wasn’t the 70’s anymore.

Maybe she was right, perhaps I haven’t moved on. 111 more words

Flutter Dress Photos

Here are the promised photos of the princess in her dress… Just a few quick shots in the cul-de-sac…


A sort-of sewing dare

After the birthday dress disappointment, I wasn’t sure what to work on. I knew I wanted to make something, but I kind of felt a bit down on myself for not being able to make the dress work and was afraid I’d screw something else up. 351 more words


#MeMadeMay has created a little monster!

I signed the small person up along with myself for Me Made May.

Unfortunately the beginning of Me Made May coincided with my daughter have a complete melt down whenever I produced a camera. 373 more words