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We have quarrelled. My husband has taken himself off on his own to stomp around in the wilds of Suffolk.

What shall I do?

I feel lost, and all sorts of tempting, but unhelpful possibilities come to mind.  569 more words

Strings J'adore

This is the J’Adore dress from Lorianne Patterns. She did a runway show at the Sew Expo I attended in February, and I like her approach to pattern styling.   756 more words


Firefly: Captain Malcolm Reynolds' Browncoat

This month’s Minerva Crafts Blogger Network post is something a little different – not a novelty print dress for myself, but instead a vintage-style western men’s frock coat for my husband, who is off to Comic Con in Manchester this month. 563 more words


Graduation Time

My best friend, Hermione, graduated from university on Friday. While I was home earlier that week, she asked if I could alter her graduation cap, which was way too small. 315 more words


Lunch Box

Finally got up the gumption to pull my ironing board back out and then I threw together a lunch box for my hubs.  He picked the fabric and loves that it looks like old comic book ads.   94 more words


[Sew Fun!] Megan Dress

So… I think I can say I love to sew. The only place I wanted to go on the weekend was Joann’s. And I went there by myself so that no one can say I spend too much time in it, or I just don’t have to feel so bad… 305 more words


052316 - Blind Hem Stitch

Blind Hem Stitch is a bitch! I have the presser foot – I have the setting on my machine – but I can NOT seem to get this stitch right. 190 more words