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When positive thinking is the last resort- The Bonnell

So we are in August now and I spent most of July starting at my summer dresses and swedish hasbeens, frowning.
Summer you haven’t been so kind to us folks in the UK, sure you threw us a couple of nice days, enough to tan forearms and noses, but not quite enough for us to stock the freezer with ice poles. 1,196 more words


Vintage French "Chiffon" sewing patterns

I was lucky enough to find these amazing old French sewing patterns a few weeks ago. I would date these to 1940s/1950s. Some of them haven’t even been opened. 87 more words

Sewing Roll by Jennie at JennieStitched

Rain again…lots of rain. We’re getting what California needs. Seems there is a disturbance in the Gulf, a stalled disturbance, with lots of rain. 352 more words


Treadle Magic

I’ve been wanting to write about sewing on my mom’s antique treadle machine when I was a kid, and now on the one from Bryan’s family that I’ve been restoring, for what feels like forever.  150 more words

Sewing—Form And Fabric

Pastures new

I mentioned quite a while ago that I’ve been wanting to move to a self-hosted blog space and change the Street Style Wales name. Well, the time has finally come. 225 more words



It was decided of a committee of one that I needed to make more headbands. Once the motion was passed, these two were created. The one with the stars was made, because I bought some scrap squares and glitter tulle in various colours. 160 more words