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In Search of a Retreat

I was invited to join some quilters I know to a retreat. What is a retreat? I had no clue. Never having been to one, I was a bit nervous (TERRIFIED actually). 1,016 more words

My Thoughts About Things

New Job, & Time for Hobbies Again!

A quick update from 3/22/15, in case people don’t follow Wifecraft on Facebook:
PaxEast wasn’t quite as fun as I thought it would be – not bad, just not the best con I’ve been to. 564 more words


Trust Cap: Top of Top Done!

First! My friends! I have finally acquired a full-time position! I start in three weeks! Ah! Tomorrow I’m driving down (four hours) to apartment hunt and then driving back (another four hours.) Fun stuff! 457 more words


Seat cover from local sheep hides

I apologise right now to vegans and vegetarians.  This post is about my latest engagement with my friends’ nose-to-tail approach to the sheep that they have working on a bush block they are rehabilitating in a rather wonderful way.  268 more words


Sewing Easy

I love to sew stuff. I dream about sewing. That’s how weird I am. Well now you know. Run away! Lol. I have been stuck in an extended stay hotel while My Guy finishes up a contract here … but I have my machine and scissors and pins so, sew! 808 more words

Extended Stay

Delightful Dozen Project: March & April

It’s that time of the week: yes, Monday!  Or possibly Wednesday.  Or maybe even Saturday, depending on where you are or when you’re reading this.  Regardless of the day or timezone, I have designated this time to be Delightful Dozen Project Update Time and this one comes with an extra month’s project at no additional cost, beyond postage and handling.   835 more words