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read simple minds

Thats right i can out think em billions of miles. Dont take no wonder boy to bs me. so sorry.  Im kinda like that added to the CPU on a master computer.  15 more words



It’s a bigger problem that than media has revealed.

What is Human Trafficking?

Human Trafficking is defined as forcing, fooling, or frightening
someone into performing labor or sex acts for profit. 229 more words


news for cold preverts

o yes do u want to see a man doing self pleasure or gofer doing the wild west with a short lady. Fagmites, drag queens, Ringo star ,peeping toms like to watch a man put baby oil on there pecker and play shoot the milk.  10 more words

Cold Out Side

sex ideas

that’s right  this is for adults only,  do u get horny watching porn ? there probably is some bi sex creatures near jones road. they like humping door knobs.  12 more words


so cold

That’s right that learn experience at the coffiee shop. who cares.  Now brain man had to take a hot shower and crash. Then the elephants stared to call. That’s right.


birds and the bees

O yea u know whats that about ? Call it what u will— rubdown, intercourse ,fuck.  Yea its between m and f that’s right.  Some backdoor NAVBOYS think that ding dong is for sucking and fucking.  20 more words


years ago

Some land scaping old pervert looked at this so called fox girl near hammerly and Gessner. Or some thing like that and pointed to his dick.   48 more words